Sunday, December 7, 2008

Justin Timberlake is a Normal Dude!

Today in Brentwood FM, we had Justin Timberlake and Jessical Biel visit us. They stopped in the booth next to mine for a while and eventually made a purchase. There was some jerk trying to very serepticiously take their photo on his camera phone; scratching his chin with his phone and I said come on dude leave him be!....later a girl was there with the same phone but I'm not sure they succeeded in getting a shot. As they were leaving, a woman accosted him right in front of my booth, for an autograph. He said he didn't have a pen, and I said I did; so he signed some scrap of paper she had, with my pen.

Several years ago I was in Chicago at Neiman Marcus and found Oprah shopping next to me. Pawing through the racks like me. I asked the sales girl, discretely, uhm, is that Oprah? and she said "it's a rule" no one bothers her. Good for Chicago. I felt badly for Justin today; I know he is a celebrity, but can't he just be a regular guy, out at the farmers market with his girl????He has a skinny butt, but otherwise he's just a regular dude!

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