Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson's House

Nicole and I were in Palisades market today, and because I had a helper, we got done and packed up in record time. And since we had a little extra time and happened to be right on Sunset, I had the great idea to drive by Michael Jackson's rental.

In some ways, I wish I had not gone. The street is taped off, so I couldn't get a shot of the big black gates that I wanted to see. There was a small crowd of people, maybe a dozen, and a small collection of flowers and candles and signs, on Sunset. of course there is no place to park anwhere nearby, so who knows how those people got there. A police car and a few officers standing around. Overall: kind of pathetic; the media made is sound like a big tribute.

But what really had me annoyed was that as I headed east on Sunset in front of the street, I pulled into the median, which is there for cars turning left onto his street. I was barely slowing down when I got the loud buzzer sound from the patrol car; clearly understood as "move it." We headed farther down Sunset then doubled back, and as I slowed in front of the makeshift memorial, I got the same buzzer again; I mean this cop must be sitting there in the car with his finger on the button. There was no one coming up behind me, but they obviously don't want any gawkers in the area. I had Nicole take this shot out the window as I slowed down; this really was about all there was. Good thing she left the patrol car out of the shot!
We had a great day in the market, though I was disappointed I was 2 booths away from Ronny, and while I went off to get some Greek food he said Tea Leoni had been by my booth.

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