Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, All Day Long

Wishing you a very Happy Easter….

Our holiday has lasted all weekend long, beginning at the Saturday Corona del Mar Farmers market, where Mr. Bunny greeted my shoppers and I gave a pink carton of eggs to Don the Egg Man with late-sprouted egg shells in pink, beige and white~


Instead of sprouted egg shells on the tables, I opted for flowers, these little beauties fit the painted shells perfectly~


They cost me $1.99 for 6 seedlings and I placed the pink shells in crystal cordials purchased oh so long ago at the NY Flea rather than buying more egg cups; these would be cute with moss or raffia around the base too~


We started the day at sunrise, just after 6am, at the Top of the World Park in Laguna Beach; it was perfect~


The rest of the day was spent walking, talking, eating….I didn’t set a fancy table but set out a jumble of flatware and stacks of plates along with the buffet and a few inverted Christmas ornaments I love in the Egg Shape~


A simple batch of scones were all-eaten, as was the See’s Candy~


Especially when paired a trio of juices (blood orange, clementine and strawberry-orange) & Champagne mimosas, with home-made Meyers lemon curd, organic blueberry jam and blackberry preserve, all made yesterday from fruits from the market~


There was French toast and sausage, pancakes and bacon, Honey Baked ham and of course tons of desserts including home-made carrot cake topped with a bunny~


and Meyers Lemon Meringue tarts with shortbread crust~


Not to mention lots of leftovers including a trio of carrot cake muffins for my niece for her lunches this week….


Sorry to be remiss on posting….so much going on I can’t begin to tell you… hoping everyone had a wonderful Happy Easter together~~


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family, Andrea!
    I LOVE the seedlings in the cordials! OMGoodness, we have acquired so many cordials over the years! Some of them will also make a perfect egg cup! Brilliant!

    Your "Easter all weekend long" images are yummy and splendid!

    We had two Easter dinners. The first, on Tuesday night. Poulet Dijonaisse!
    It turned out wonderful! It was a perfect French Country dinner!

    We had the traditional Easter dinner tonight at our daughter and son in law's home.

    My daughter and I are going to take a four hour
    French cooking glass this Summer!

    Glad to hear that you are busy! I am sensing all good!

  2. Your talent is again unsurpassed Andrea!! The special preserves, the carrot cake, I must have That recipe. The break of dawn and walks along the Laguna Coastline. Magical! Happy Easter dear friend!

    Art by Karena

  3. Andrea, your day sounds like it was lovely! The egg cups with flowers are beautiful! You're so creative to think to put them in the glasses...
    It may be late in the evening, but wishing you a blessed Easter!

  4. Hello Andrea, ...and a happy Easter to you and yours!
    Gosh all looks so lovely and I admire that you even made preserves after a busy market..your table
    Is beautifull, love the bunny on the cake, and would love to be a guest at your table one day!
    Thank you for sharing, enjoy the rest of the weekend, with love from Afrique du Sud-Colette Xx

  5. We began the day with French toast with a mixed berry compote and British bacon. Yum. The Laduree tea was busted out for the special occasion.

    A fabulous spring dinner was topped off with lemon curd nestled in meringue nests that my Canadian friend Jackie made. Bliss!

    So glad you liked the spoon. I bought one for myself as well. :)

  6. You are quite the baker. I burned out on baking in High School, and have been a savory type ever since. My neighbor writes Envie Recipes blog, and she is the queen of scones. Go check out her recipes. Love your egg pots!

  7. The seedlings in the it ... never would have thought of it myself... love it... such pretty images. Life is good. Can't wait to hear more about Andrea's excellent adventures!

  8. Hello Andrea, I love to see all of your lovely Easter ideas and scrumptious baked treats ! I always make carrot cupcakes as well this time of year, my boys love them, usually devoured in one gulp! I shall file away the egg cup idea in the cordial glasses, very clever !! Hope you are enjoying this glorious time of year....N. xoxo

  9. Hope you had a FAB Easter... what farmer's markets are you doing now? I need to pop over and get a NEW basket!