Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Guest Posting at Greige

Christina from Greige is lucky enough to be in Paris this week, and while she is antique shopping there she is hosting a series of guest posts called Design Traveller, taking readers to some fabulous and inspirational places.  Today it’s my turn, and I’m taking readers on a tour of the Château de Chantilly. 

Many visitors to Paris want to see the splendor of Versailles, which is sometimes called a château but is really a palace, the official residence of the kings of France.  Versailles can be totally overwhelming; it’s best seen over the course of several visits, though I have some friends who were there last week and spent eight hours in the palace and gardens and still didn’t see it all!   Chantilly, on the other hand, is a grand yet still manageable sized château, with an amazing little art collection and library, not to mention gardens by Le Nôtre, who also designed the gardens of Versailles and the Tuilleries. Here is a photo of the Salon de Musique, with its restored paneling and gilding~


I have toured almost all of the well-known Loire Valley châteaux and even stayed at a few private ones, but Chantilly remains one of my favorites.  Perhaps because it is a very personal residence, reflecting the tastes of Henri d’Orléans, who was the fifth son of King Louis-Philippe.  Best of all, Chantilly is a short distance from Paris. 

Pop on over to Greige (one of my favorite blogs!) today to come along on the tour.  The text and photos in the post are excerpted from Rêve, which is a project I am working on with Laura from Décor to Adore and Elizabeth from Eiffel Tells.  It will be published shortly as an e-book and will contain about 250 pages of beautiful photos and useful information about visiting Paris, including many additional photos and expanded text on Chantilly.  We are taking pre-orders on Rêve HERE.

Thank you Christina, and hope you enjoy the tour~


  1. Andrea, a beautiful and informative post. So thrilled that Christina has you as a guest! Excited for the debut of Reve!

    Art by Karena

  2. You have fed my dreams for two years!