Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Years Later

Many of my friends know I was not only present for the events of 9/11, I had a front row seat.  Last year at the ten year mark I did a longer post, which I don’t even want to go back to look at let alone link to.  Another year later, the sadness is still there, though lessened after a session with John, my Native American friend.  John said that I have been carrying a part of each one of the souls that I saw jump and die that day, that I have held a piece of each distraught soul, and that he saw them finally leave me by the dozen.  Yes, I definitely feel better, but still a little burdened by the day.  Today I chose to ignore the various events; though at 5pm I couldn’t miss the last of a motorcycle ride organized by the SoCal Firefighters.  They came through Laguna Canyon by the hundreds, and here at the front you see a woman atop a vintage fire wagon taking a photo.  Lots of American flags; many good people.   A great energy….we honked and gave them the thumbs up all along the line of  riders~



I had spent the day as usual, driving my parents around, doing the courier run and the transcription.  Getting them breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But at the end of the day I wanted something lighter, so I took the dogs to Rogers Gardens to see the seasonal décor~


So many great gourds, love the texture and colors~


I always get white pumpkins, though from Trader Joes.  These were pretty though today~


Great with the white of some super-daisies; I like the simplicity of white as a fall backdrop~


I am styling a party next weekend for 150 and was looking for a little inspiration.  Didn’t find it, really, nothing new and a few trite looks, so will create my own…but this scene with the masses of pumpkins was pretty and cheerful today~


I used to hate these “fairytale pumpkins” but now I love them. The color reminds me of terracotta, but it’s cooking with them that is so great.  As soon as Don has them at the Saturday market I will show you a great presentation.


As with each year, on this day in September, I am glad to be alive.  I’m off for my nightly laps in the pool and then to bed.  This week we have a few doctor visits but everyone is feeling better (my forehead is back to normal thanks to the Osha Root) and Dad feeling really strong.  Mom will have an X-ray and status on Friday.  I think it is important to recognize the past, but also to move forward. I do not want to dwell or wallow on 9/11.  I hope to have a positive view and enjoy life today, which is my parents (for the moment), my businesses, and mes proches.   I enjoyed talking with R tonight and making plans for later this year together in Beaune.  So much to look forward to~


  1. Blessings to you Andrea, Beautiful post. I remember yours from last year...

  2. Yes, I felt grateful to be alive today. I decided to totally absorb the day and enjoy my friends who are visiting and make the most of it all - best way to honor those we lost I think. I did find some moments to be still and try to put a little peace out there as well.
    Hope you are feeling a little better tomorrow.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with for the big shindig, I know it will be lovely.

  3. White pumpkins and fairytale pumpkins are just the way to go, both so quaint and lovely!


  4. Andrea it was so good to talk last night. I know you hold the souls of those lost that terrible day. However I can also see how you have dedicated your own life to loving, giving with all your heart, real concern for a long distance friend like me! Thank you for my Birthday surprise, so much!

    Rogers Gardens was on of my favorite ways to celebrate the change of seasons, they used to have such unique ideas and pieces to choose from.

    Art by Karena

  5. I've really enjoyed seeing the pumpkins this year.... ready for a change of season,,, yearning for some crisp fresh air!