Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mad, Mad Kitchen

I like to cook.  No, I love to cook.  Fresh and scratch, if you please.  Making the rounds recently with my parents for their Dr. visits, I picked up a few cooking magazines.  One was sooo good I took it home.  Tomorrow at the Rancho Santa Fe market we are having an after-party for 40, and I’m doing the cakes.  So this evening, after the morning market, Dad’s haircut and Dad’s mani/pedi and the courier run, I made a trio of cake fillings: espresso, Kahlua and white chocolate, here with a little gelatin to give hold.


I will put these up on my printable recipes; it’s a cream and chocolate based filling with a base of egg yolks and sugar, made in my favorite copper bowl from Guy, of course, whipped by hand and not by machine~


Milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts and dark chocolate went into two fillings; these have to chill for 4+ hours so I started with those~


And Mom got into the act too….as she loves her sweets….my camera is not fast enough to catch her in action~


The last filling to be made was white chocolate, and it was so pretty with the contrast of the copper~


The cake itself is what the French call Genoise…..the light cake from Genoa.  I made it in chocolate…


with a little help from parchment paper/wax paper~


The second cake is a burnt butter cake.  And so I burnt the butter~


I love a good boxed cake, but the texture of a scratch cake is my favorite….I will show you pics of this one tomorrow, I know it will be great~


The kitchen is a mess of dishes right now, but the cakes look fantastic. It’s almost 9pm and I have a load of dishes to do.  I was doing the Parents’ laundry at 2am last night and fell over a basket and have nice tomato-sized strawberry on my shin and forehead.  Guess that will teach me….once the last cake comes out of the oven I am going to bed; the cakes can be assembled in the early morning.  I’ll show you pics tomorrow…..


  1. It's 7:00 a.m. and I'm about to go into my kitchen and make breakfast for my house full of company but all I WANT to do is come over there and taste all your fabulous creations! Lucky guests :)
    I had a small dinner party Friday night and I served your burrata/peach dish - BIG hit, thanks.
    Hope you get out of the kitchen for just a bit to enjoy the gathering :)

  2. How wonderful. I cannot wait for both the recipes AND the photos!

  3. Oh my goodness Andrea...You are wonder woman. The cakes sounds so delish. very special! I hope you are okay; be careful when you are in Creative Mode!

    Art by Karena