Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hats are In

I usually blog about my day in chronological order, but today we're going to start at the end of the market morning. My last customer of the day, Shawna, arrived as I was starting to pack up. She brought her adorable daughter Molly, who had to leave with a Sapphire blue hat, which you can also see on Laura Ingalls Gunn's Rose Bowl (aka Decor To Adore) post "Come Flea With Me," HERE. My shoppers seem to like women's names for reference for the hats; this is going to be Laura & Molly's hat; they both look fab in can't see here that Molly's eyes are as blue as this hat, and her blouse has a tiny thread of blue trim to match; she was also wearing little jean cutoff shorts; she is so cute~~
It was Shawna though, who initially wanted to come to the booth; she is from NY via Texas and she decided she needed a little tote for summer:
She brought with her a corsage of silk flowers (Very nice ones!) that she has arranged, and she even added a button to the center of the white rose:
Shawna explained that she collects all kinds of notions and trims and loves to do craft projects with them. "Do you follow any blogs?" I asked her. Not yet she said, but I wrote down the information for Decor to Adore because I know Shawna will find all kinds of ideas from Laura! Here is the back of the grouping, which Shawna had expertly assembled with a hot glue gun:
She couldn't decide at first, did she want the Fuchsia Cap Ferrat:
Or the Dijon in Natural & Black? In the end, she took them both, though we thought the Cap Ferrat was probably a little better match. Pretty, isn't it!?
I had all the new hats out is the range:
Tomorrow I'll get some photos on some model shoppers, but today I wanted to show you the hats with some possible companion baskets.

Starting with all the big wide brims, a two-tone black & natural wide brim, with my current Menton-style Moroccan tote; this hat is essentially reversible, except the little bow is only on the black side; I ordered this in chocolate and natural, but it shipped in black:
Wide brim black with natural pinstripe, with the same Menton tote; the stripe on the tote is very dark blue:
Or else the same hat with St. Remy:
Wide brim natural with black pinstripe and a pink Cannes:
Or else with an Eze style tote:
I bought very few of this style; it's a little bold for me, but Shawna and I agreed it would be fab on someone wearing white linen; this is really a fun hat, for a life-of-the-party girl; it frames your face so well when it's on:
In the smaller sized medium brim, I got "blue jean blue," which is actually sort of lavender colored; and below that you see Molly & Laura's hat; I think they would be good with something casual like a St. Paul style Moroccan basket:
I also have the black medium brim, which is really an inky navy color; I'd add a white flower:
Also today, I showed my new lavender sachets; these are small, about 4" long and 2" wide though the sizes vary. They are tied up with a vintage French aluminum religious medal and a French Basketeer Moo card (not shown here) for $4. I came up with the idea for these because I have so much spare burlap; when the burlap runs out I will make them from woven raffia, to match the baskets, in all colors:
Because my teenage nieces can't seem to find work this summer (along with every other teenager I know!), I have decided to employ Teen Laborers this summer to produce the sachets. I'm doing the sewing until I teach them how. We are also making some key chain or cell phone hang tags with vintage French medals and beads ($5-10 depending on the medal); these are the first samples; Shawna took the Jeanne d'Arc in the center here, it was very pretty. I'll post in a day or two on the various medals I have in stock:
I will sell these now through the holiday season; something tells me these will be great for Christmas. I will have them at the markets, or email me regarding selection. I am going out to the warehouse now to restock, then stopping by a little afternoon party. I will tell you about that later today, but I wanted to get the hat pics up before tomorrow's market.


  1. Love the bag with the flowers, what a great idea! And the hats are fabulous!
    Thanks for stopping over and have a great day at the market tomorrow!

  2. I adore all of your hats. I need to order the Laura/Molly hat in black. The Fashionista swooned when she originally saw the hat and immediately asked 'Does she have that in black?" I said, "I believe so, why?" She replied "Mom, it's the Audrey hat." We ater looked at pictures and sure enough it is quite close to the classic Breakfast at Tiffany's chapeau.
    So perhaps it is the Audrey, Tiffany hat. :)