Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dori & Mark’s Beautiful Wedding Day

I dashed to the Mission San Juan Capistrano yesterday after the Corona del Mar market just in time to see one of my very dear old friends walk down the aisle.  I started to cry when Dori entered the back of the chapel with her father.  I was in the last row, and I didn’t want her to see me cry, so I got behind my camera…giving me a moody shot with no flash…but you get the idea…her dress, hairpieces and bouquet were perfection~


The setting was the Serra Chapel, built in 1792 and restored in the 1920’s; here Mark & Dori are exchanging their vows; it was so pretty, and so touching…


The magnificent gilt altarpiece is from Barcelona; it is a beauty in person; sorry I was leaning into the aisle and so this is slightly off kilter~


Not anyone can get married here; Dori’s Mother has been a docent at the Mission for more than 20 years, and both Dori and her brother were baptized in the Chapel, so this is a special place for their family; it is also the oldest building in continuous use in California~


The Mission itself presents many great photo ops; it is made of adobe bricks covered with adobe stucco; the original Padres paced off the space without surveying gear, so it is not quite a square~


The central buildings are in a large quad, here you can see the walkways between the buildings and the central gardens; I want to call this a colonnade but not sure that is the correct term~IMG_7331

Various work rooms and powder mezzanines and dormitories ring the quad~


The gardens in the center of the quad are Mediterranean, and this time of year, in full bloom~


In the center of the gardens and the heart of the quad is a large fountain which is full of koi fish and water lillies; I remember having my picture taken in front of this fountain with my Grandparents 40 years ago; it still looks the same….magical…serene~


Though forty years on, I hone in on the architecture and details, not the fish~


The four bells, still rung, along with the Swallows, a strong image of the Mission~


On the other side of the Bells, another pond full of koi and more beautiful lillies~


Enough touristy gawking while the Bridal party took photos, I had to get to the reception!  I like to give sterling for weddings, so my gift included this pretty pair of spoons from the NY Flea monogrammed with the Dori & Mark’s “B”~


It was a real treat to see some old friends, here Mr. (Jim) and Mrs. (Daria) Waples….Kel and Danielle’s parents….Mr. Waples was my chaperone a time or two to the Father Daughter Dance in high school, and so dear to me and it was great to see them!


We had a toast or two with our appies; here is the retired USMC Fighter Pilot Mark toasting his Bride~


Then the first dance, and the fun began….none other than ELVIS descending the staircase~


Dori really wanted to get married in Vegas, Mark in CA, so we had a little Vegas touch….super fun!!!


Our table was full of the high school crowd, here is Cassi hugging Dori~


Jim and Dori~


Oh yeah, then it was time for Cake!!  And it was pretty~


And yummy~~~!


After several hours of lots of great conversation, great food and dancing, we sent the Bride & Groom on their way, under an archway of sparkers and in style, into a pristine white 1939 Packard~


I LOVED this~~!  I loved everything about this wedding, it was fun, it was appropriate, it was tasteful~


Congratulations Dori & Mark!  I love you both and am SO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Beautiful place for a wedding. The bride looks so pretty. Love her dress.

  2. Such beauty! Classic Historic California, a MOST beautiful dress, couple, flowers, cake...Beautiful and classic photos of Capistrano...always my favorite! A very special event! Thank you for taking us along!
    xoxo, Chris

  3. It's all divine. I've been to Capistrano and wondered about that chapel. When I first started ready I was astounded people could get married there, now I understand, not just anybody can - how special for them. The back of her dress is to die for and that car, heart be still!
    My daughter and I love weddings and all their details so much that just yesterday she said she's going to to have like 9 weddings for us to use all our ideas. She then mentioned she might need just to go out on a date first :)

  4. The Mission is beautiful; I live near Sonoma Mission. Best of luck to the Bride and Groom!

  5. WOW is all I can say! From the bride's dress, to the beautiful church, wedding cake, flowers, etc.,etc. Just gorgeous! I wish you friends many, many happy years of wedded bliss!!

  6. The back of her dress was amazing! It should be since that is what you see the most of. :) Those flowers~ sigh. Those were my wedding flower colors. Except not as elaborate. I could almost taste that cake.

    I went to SJC once to see the swallows when I was about 12. I think it might be time to go back.

  7. Oh I'm sitting here at my computer and I'm certainly not dressed well enough to be a guest at this beautiful wedding, but thank you for bringing me along. I don't know when I've seen a more beautiful bride and dress and bouquet. Please pass that along! :) What a fabulous celebration!

  8. Drex your photos are fantastic! I was very sorry not to be there but your photos make me feel like I was at the celebration (and so fun to see my folks)! Many congratulations Dori and Mark!! Dori was a beautiful bride indeed :)

    1. Hi Danielle- so sorry you missed it. It was great having your parents there, Drea, Cassi and Jeff. It was a lot of fun and would have been even better if you, Kelly/Cliff, Kathleen/Ray could have joined us. Maybe you can come to our vow renewal in Vegas next year.... It won't be as elaborate- but there could be even more ELVIS.

  9. What a beautiful setting for a beautiful event! Your friend's dress was just SO GORGEOUS! Congrats to all!