Sunday, June 10, 2012

Messing Around

Today I was hobbling around, the result of hoofing it up and down the beautiful stairs on Friday night in heels, with all my gear in tow.  And then the garage sale….more hauling back and forth.  I didn’t have time to unpack the car since Friday night, so I brought most of it to the market today.

Today I wanted to have a relatively easy day.  I had a generous bunch of thyme from Chef Isabel from Friday night; added a few cuts of bay from my garden and picked up a few other items at the market like these lemons from Paradise Valley, rind cut with my scissors.  I spent the day taking photos of the market and making bouquet garni and chatting…a lot…messing around just taking photos~


R had these Japanese scissors in his garage sale pile….they are staying with me and performed well today~


The herbs are on a French tray I bought filled with bad knife cuts that were restored by Jean’s Silver NYC.  More on that later….it’s a really pretty tray that I use a lot~


I gave some of the bouquets to my friend Justin from Sage Mountain since he gave me a generous bunch of Sage, which are worked into these bouquets….dried or fresh these are great


But first, some of the bouquets went to Lani, Jackie and Barbara, aren’t they CUTE?!~


It became a lazy day for lots of photos…reminder here of the beauty of copper and peach~


which carried over into my display~


It’s all good…especially with French linen twine~


And French milk jars with apples and sage from friends~


oh yes, and  a little silver~


I finished the day by setting up some apriums for jam, tomorrow’s work~


Dessert for Mom and Dad, from Kuba Creations~


Setting eggs for the week into my French basket which goes into the refrigerator~


and a little hydroponic basil to go into pesto tomorrow….


Hope you also had a good weekend….stay tuned for more from this cote~


  1. I love the bouquet garni and your displays. Hope to catch up with you soon.
    I am making pesto - this afternoon.
    The EDF is connected today!
    Warm reagrds

  2. I've been making a list. French twine is on it. :)

    Tell me again when you are leaving.

    The lemon bouquets are small wonders.

  3. Andrea I can picture you (probably just exhausted) making a most beautiful booth with lovely and colorful displays! The copper, silver, egg basket, favorites! Fresh fruit and veggies everywhere!

    Always so thoughtful of everyone you come into contact with!

    Art by Karena

  4. Not bad for messing around, Andrea! Lovely, lovely post and that dahlia is gorgeous....the colour is exquisite! N.xo

  5. You are so creative... love the bundles! I always leave your blog inspired!

  6. so frequently in life, the little things are the main things. they make life...LIFE!

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  8. G'morn Andrea ... I await a reply to my email of a couple weeks ago on behalf of my sister, Sherry. I assume you will take care of this, & quickly. Very disappointed in your lack of response & handling.

    Thank you.