Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Projects Galore

I haven’t kept you completely up to date on all that has gone on, sorry ‘bout that!  Let’s start with Mother’s Day.  I went to San Diego for the Sunday market, and left my Mother in care of two of my sisters.  Homemade scones ready to bake with instructions. Check.  Array of home made jams and pancake mix and eggs.  Check.  I arrived home later in the day to Mom in tears; my sisters had Mom make them breakfast and had apparently performed a number of faux pas such as wanting to put the Limoges in the dishwasher and throwing overly generously sliced strawberry hulls down the sink and criticizing Mom’s pants tucked into her socks, all of which had my Mom saying NO NO NO and ushering them out the door by late morning.  I will add my own, I told them to munch on but not take the leg of lamb Mom and I had started the night before.  They cut the meat off and took the bone home for their dogs (vs. mine). Rather than bringing her favorite flower, peony, they brought something Mom thought “cheap” and she was not happy….Oh dear…..


Memorial Day was a few short weeks later.  Mom and I conspired a bit.  Offer no food?  Paper plates?  Instead, she and I headed to the beach with the dogs with a granddaughter/niece in tow….for a pancake breakfast served by the Laguna Beach Firemen. There were lots of great photo ops for the holiday~


I offered all to bring their painting clothes and help out, but there were only a few takers.  Rather than worrying about my family, I am focused on several projects this summer.


I would never touch this ceiling, which is my bedroom, but I am in the process of re-doing the display on my pine French baker’s table which is my desk, in the same room~


My summer is full of projects, large and small.  The one I am working on now is the former servants quarters and in the 60’s, a rental.


Who did this, nothing in align and a bare bulb?  My Dad admitted he did the wallpaper himself right after we moved in, in 1970.  Yikes!


There are two rooms with a bathroom in between.  I am focusing on the bathroom and the back room; here is the ceiling as it was done in 1923,  a wash to match the trim of the house in a blue-green-slate~


1960’s bookshelves lined the walls~


OK enough of that preview, let’s go to the garage, which I want to clean out this summer but first I have a garage sale this weekend with stuff from R’s house as well as our own.  Close the door, quick!


In another corner of the garden, I want to make a garden shed. Oui, another project.  Hopefully my nephew can do this for me…..


These French crated will go there~


as well as these post-garage-sale-freebies~


and these six cranberry crates; great modulars~


And nicely marked~


Add in a few pieces like this drying rack~


And I have more than enough to keep me busy.  Look for more on these projects soon…..


  1. It appears that you haven't stood still for quite some time. I was saddened to read about your Mother's Day, but impressed by your handy work and creative spirit. The cold weather here has me dreaming of the French summer. Our house sitters are organised and tickets are on the dresser ready and waiting. I hope we are able to meet in Beaune for that long promised glass of champagne.

  2. Dear Andrea, here I sit smiling....can relate to so many topics here....we are about to start a renovation, so chaos reigns! The only bit of order it seems is the garden this year. My garage looks worse than yours, much more! Your projects make me anxious to get organized ! Your dear Mom, at least she has you, enjoy her company while you can! Loved this post, very real and honest....N.xo

  3. Your sisters need a good spanking! There really is nothing else to say except "Shame on them!" Some day they will be very ashamed of their behavior. They are wasting precious time.

    Happy to see that you have your favorite bed now set up.

    Wondering if you'll keep the charming seafoam sink and darling built ins. I've wanted to get my hands on this space for as long as I can remember. :)

    The garden shed appears that it will be more of a clever garden oasis.

  4. You ALWAYS set my mind at ease, and give me energy at the same time, Andrea. Here's to mounds of summer projects at your place and ours!
    You are the best to your Mom and Dad. Your Father's Day post from last year is one of my favorites!

  5. Ah! The family dynamics...Your last Sunday's post was amazing. My friend who lives in Rancho Santa Fe, called me about noon and was so excited that she had read in the paper about the book signing at Chino's. She ran over there and got two signed copies for herself...and me! Great news! Later that evening, there was your post about your day in the same place! I copied your post and mailed it to her in my thank you card! Perfect!
    Can't wait to see what you do with your re-do space!
    xoxo, Chris

    1. Oh Andrea, your sister are on my list now! They should be assisting you with Mom and Dad and helping to make life easier. I am so happy you and your Mother are so close (and Dad!) By the way I would love to come and help redo the guest quarters!

      Anita's Parisian Party

      Art by Karena

  6. Hi Andrea~ I can't wait to see the transformation~ Im sure it will turn out lovely~ xo Rachel

  7. Let the projects begin! You have your hands full this summer ~ looking forward to seeing your talents at work. If only I lived closer, I'd love to offer a helping hand.

    Thinking of you ~

  8. Hi, Andrea!

    Sigh...your ceiling is the BEST EVER!!

    Love it!