Sunday, September 27, 2009

Switching out for Fall

What was I saying about fall? It's here! The last few days have been super foggy in Laguna (see last photo), and today was foggy and a little cool in Palisades, a nice change from the heat of summer. I saw a bunch of my regulars, Charlene back from a trip to Napa, Mrs. Airplane (always a pleasure), Victoria, a special visit from Ladan, and at closing, Bob the filmmaker who is back from a recent trip to Rwanda and Tanzania. Lots of great conversation going on with me at that market....

So here is the merchandise I showed today; I switched out the rose pink and green in favor of rust, blue, neutrals, mango and orange; lots of great comments and sales; next weekend we are at the Laguna Eco-Fest ; new merchandise is arriving this week from Madagascar and Morocco; anticipating a lot of pretty new stuff that should be out on the tables next weekend....

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