Monday, July 2, 2012

Finishing Touches

I was pretty happy with the final result of the little back room. I wanted it to be a little spare, as it is a guest room and I expect to have guests bring their “stuff” to fill it out. I will probably add a pair of luggage racks to go at the wall near the foot of the bed; for the moment there is an old Vuitton trunk there.  The walls are also spare, until I find something “interesting” to put there.  The space above the chair really bothered me, though…it needs something more.  I have a nice crusty mirror, but it was too angular for the space and I will use it in the bath instead.   I wished I had a gilt fragment or something, like so many I have passed up at the Paris Flea, so I went off into the main house to search for something nice.


To my glee, I found a pair of gold stars on the living room coffee table which I use primarily at Christmas.  For some reason they did not get packed away last year.  I bought these for my birthday about 5 years ago, not sure if they are old or Tara Shaw or what, but I love them~


And they are really great in this space; they are the first things my nieces exclaimed about in the space; they are a little fun in the room and tie in with the brightness of the chair~


Next I wanted to find a color that would redo the hutch to make it more grey, and cover the bathroom walls.  I started with  a $3 sample pot of Coventry Grey and added in a little of the Glass Slipper that I used for the hutch.  This is a really unscientific mixing….


I tried a variety of tints on the bathroom walls, as well as the hutch.  When I arrived at the tint I wanted,  that looked great in both rooms, I took a swatch to Ganahl Lumber and asked them to match it.  They can do that, right??


Yes, they did.  Problem was, in the bath it looked really blue, right, vs. my color, at left~


On the hutch it was looked grey but not an exact match….the center is my color and surround is Ganahls~


Their match was still better than my original Glass Slipper, so the hutch got a redo; it is now more grey than blue, and I love the result; here is the first paint out~


great with the linens; it’s funny I keep going around the house and finding French linens in various places; they are now all collected together in the guest room, and I have not yet added all the pretty bed linens to the pile~


Next up, the bathroom.  My shoulder hurts as I write that…but the results will be great~


  1. Your guest room is beautiful and inviting. I would not want to leave :)


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  3. Looking good!

    So we're both painting bathrooms. My master bath is very large and has a million nooks and crannies. It took me two full days to prime and paint two coats.

    Same story for Eric and the kitchen.


    We have primed the other two bathrooms and are now ready to paint. The colors were originally, in little guy's words, poop brown and booger green. They are being transformed to "white cloud". Sounds nice. We'll see. :)

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  5. Hi Andrea,

    I love the transformation you have made for the charming guest room.
    I hope you will check my comment on your post below. We need your thoughts and prayers!

    Art by Karena

  6. PS The yellow and white silk panels brought me much sunshine!As did our Kansas State sunflower!

    Art by Karena