Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Manque

We are approaching mid summer, and the last few days I have been emailing with my dear friends Jacqueline & Guy in Brittany, and skype-calling Patty in Beaune…soon to hear from Elizabeth in Fayl-Biot.  I was wistful today thinking of past summers in Beaune, in Antibes, in Villefranche.  The pity-party lasted about ten minutes as I got back to working on filling orders and tending my parents’ affairs.  Dad fell out of bed two nights ago and has a big bonk on his nose that we all ignore.  I wish to be in France, but I am here, helas…..I can not leave them now, so I play the short order cook, the driver, the bookkeeper and the housekeeper…laundress and confidante. 

My farmers markets are definitely outlets….time to see friends and visit….as well as discover what is new.  Today Ali had small bundles of herbs….he has never heard the word tisane but that is what they are (see my post HERE) ….super great to see them sold in bundles at the market~


I am going to pot up and gift some tisane herbs this summer, but this was a great addition to the market today~


there is nothing prettier to put on your table after dinner than this, even better with a few rose petals~


You can buy them potted like this, from Larry at Atkins…but better yet is to have them planted at your back door like Rachel does in France and snip a few pieces to make your tea….the best French after dinner digestif


meanwhile there was summer goodness all over the market, in style….


I still have to show you pics from Saturdays big party; finishing that post soon, and sitting here at half past ten listening to the seals bark….ah summer….!  Meantime I have bought a few new pieces of copper to tide me over until I can be in France guilt-free…..more pics soon…..

ALSO be sure to stop by Karena of Art by Karena to enter her fantastic stencil giveaway HERE and wish her a perfect recovery from her recent hip surgery.  Thinking of you, Karena!


  1. You are making my mouth water (and I don't even really like tea).
    It's hard to be physically in one place and have your heart in another. Hope your father is better soon. Would love to be hearing the seals bark just now, watching the sunrise and the hummingbirds at my window instead :)

  2. I too wish to be taken away to far shores. But what a lovely memory to recall~ that of Rachel's tisane. How is she in her new home?

    See you tomorrow.

    I am lugging a chair to slipcover. : )

  3. I'm a new follower to your blog and am enjoying it. I've been trying to find out the status of an order I placed at the end of March, but, I haven't heard anything. Is there a good number to call?


    1. I'll look it up now; please email me andrea at as I mentioned I am behind getting orders out and some older ones are not out...thank you Chloe!!!

    2. Thanks. I just sent you an email.

  4. What a beautiful farmers market. Hope your dad feels better. Sounds like your life is pretty busy with family and all, but glad to hear you find time to see friends and enjoy your market activities.
    I do enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Best wishes on your father's recovery...sounds painful. I love a good farmer's market and although the one's in my area tend to ship everything in from Indiana and Michigan, it overflowing right now and such a delight to cook with all the freshness. Lovely pictures!


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  7. Oh my! I want to follow you around every day...but that would make me a stalker. :-) Lovely adventure. Thank you for posting it.