Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth

Wishing everyone a very Happy Fourth of July!  I am working all day to fill some overlooked orders (my bad; Cam yours is going out tomorrow), clean house and work on a garden project.  The red white & blue chair saw a whole lot of use last Sunday and went home with Raquel for the Fourth.  Here is the adorable little Anna all dressed for the Fourth last Sunday~


We also used the chair to show the new line of Espadrilles by Monti of Mint & Rose; you will see these again very soon~


Happy Fourth!


  1. Anna is doll! I hope you get a bit of a break! You have been on the fast track!
    Happy Fourth to you and your family!

  2. Anna is AAAdorable! Those shoes are cute as pie.

  3. As American as apple pie, and sweet Anna what a baby doll face :)

    Happy 4th to you my sweet friend and shame on me for not dropping by more often. I am off to catch up with all that I have missed over here, I will be back soon :)

    Happy 4th !


  4. I also keep sending emails asking about my bags which are displayed on your tables, asking when I might receive mine. Not one email has been answered. Please respond.

    Many thanks,
    Helen Rockwell

  5. Hi Andrea...
    I see that you mention a missed order for someone named Cam. How about my missed order? I paid you via paypal on March 28th and still have NOT received my basket. Please check your oders again. I am quite disappointed and saddened. I have sent you many messages and you have not returned them. If you are NOT going to send me my basket, at least have the decency to return my money. Sherry

  6. I love the espadrilles!!! And Anna is adorable! Is she yours? If so, having her sit so prettily will really help with sales!!

  7. Hi Andrea,
    I, too, have yet to receive my order or receive a response vie email. Please refund if you cannot fill my order promptly.

  8. Hi, Andrea,
    Well, ten days after you said you sent it, the basket still hasn't come. Please send me a tracking number for the box you sent it in. It's getting harder to believe you are an honest entrepreneur...I'm still trying, but it's getting harder.

    thank you,

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