Monday, July 9, 2012

A Little Pick Me Up

I have been in a real funk for the last few months, I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why.  My Dad’s health and my Mom’s neediness have certainly depleted my energy and also caused me to delay my much anticipated travel to France this summer.  Lost my dear Aunt Tanis, someone hit my parked car and tore the bumper completely off, overwhelmed with all that I have to do at home.  I have my health, some wonderful friends, and thank goodness, my Honey & Biscuit.  I threw a party for 45 this weekend that was really fun but exhausting, but I have no time to be tired.  Today I am back to my to do lists and filling orders and trying to make progress with the growing list of things I have to do for my parents’ personal affairs.  In the midst of my preoccupation with all that I have to accomplish, one of my local blog readers, Linda, arrived at my booth in Corona del Mar with a really sweet little treat for me on Saturday~


She had stopped by last week just to say Hi, and I made sure she left with a few freebie net bags.  And so one week later she arrived with this perfection of a little package~


A simple white paper bag folded at the top and double hole punched and tied up with a paper flower she made (on a mini clothespin) and some really fun ribbon she had made up~


this made me laugh…just what I needed~


Inside the paper bag, four of the most delicious chocolate cookies I have ever tasted…I ate half of one and my parents ate the rest in short order and pronounced them super fine~


I’m saving the flower and ribbon of course, they are now sitting on my desk as a reminder of the sweet little pick me up from Linda….many thanks to you Dear…now, it’s back to a little ironing and then off to ship some orders.  Later today I will show you photos of the Saturday night party I styled and catered.



  1. Hi,
    I am so sorry for the difficult times you are having! I know how you feel, I get into those funks as well and it always seems like things happen all at once.
    What a sweet friend to bring you such a lovely gift!
    I live close to CDM, I wish I would have known you were going to be there so I could have stopped by!
    Wishing you a joyful week!

  2. You deserve to be spoilt Andrea, thinking of you and wishing you serene time, just for yourself...much love to you, Colette xx
    Ps, I have been so busy running around this side, completely missed your previous the stars as well! X

  3. You definitely needed a sweet little pick me up! How precious and the cookies look wonderful! I hope things lighten up for you. I'm looking forward to hearing about the party!


  4. What an incredible sweet gift from your friend Linda. Come to San Francisco and rejuvenate! xxx Jane

  5. Here's to your health, Andrea!
    I have been on hyper drive at home and at work as well.
    I started a wellness series on my blog...just so I would stick to it!
    I am sorry to hear about your Aunt Tanis. I am blessed have both of my parents near. This year they turn 83. There has been a decline in health for both of them this year. It's hard to accept at times.
    I hope that you get to France soon! The journey will as sweet as your pretty pick me up gift!

  6. Andrea, It would be amazing if you were NOT in a funk with all you are dealing with everyday,

    I hope you know how much your friends love and care about you....sometimes we try to keep it all inside and it is important to get our feeling out and ask for help. ( Yes, I know that is not how we were raised)

    I have you in my thoughts and prayers and keep me in yours when I go in for hip surgery Monday.

    Love and Hugs Karena

  7. Dear Andrea,
    SO sorry you are feeling down....With your list, it is no wonder though. I too have been reaching so far for energy. We can't blame our weather:) We both have so much to be thankful for and I know this too shall pass~~~feel better, you are SO LOVED!

  8. Dear Andrea,
    Just wanted to say"Thank you"once again for the 2 baskets I purchased today. My sweet sister-in-law will put the larger basket to good use as they travel back and forth to Havasu this summer. I love the orange pocketbook basket, I am finally in with the current color scheme, I feel fashionable once again! I am happy the last 4 cookies made you smile! I am enjoying my orange basket very much and can't wait to give the other market basket to my dear sister-in-law for her birthday!

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