Sunday, July 4, 2010

Market on the Fourth

Technology sucks sometimes. My camera had no battery left so I took some shots on my phone; normally they are full view, but I got thumbnails instead today; oh well, just a quick tour of today in Rancho Santa Fe with suggestive photos. The markets go on rain or shine; holiday or not. I love to see people who were not born here get excited for Independence Day; here is Jean-Claude the Crepe Man; he had a HUGE flag in back of his booth and a matching bandana:
It was a frenzy at the market all morning; people meeting and greeting, doing their shopping and on their way somewhere today; I met some lovely new shoppers, who left with hats & baskets:

I bought two of the most fantastic seeded baguettes early from Loic, also a lovely sourdough loaf and an olive loaf, all made from scratch, to display on my front table in an Eze basket:
Several hours later, three shoppers in close sequence came begging to buy the bread as Loic was sold out; could be time for bread arbitrage? I went home with just one baguette and it was fantastique!

Later in the morning, a whole wagon of mini-Aussie shepherd puppies went by; the breeder taking them out for a spin; they were adorable and got lots of attention:
And a few kisses; here nose to nose with a patron:
We had a duo playing Latin music on guitar, she was on one of two silver trumpets all day and it was very lively and very high quality; some days it's great to have mellow music; this music was perfect for the busy pace of people's schedules today:
We were supposed to end at 12 but we stayed past 1pm because it was so busy; I got home in time to finish a reheat yesterday's ribs and make a pair of lemon tarts with shortbread crust; it was up to the roof before 9pm to catch the Laguna Beach fireworks show, with one of the best finales in recent years.
Tomorrow, a much needed day of rest after the busy weekend....

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  1. could have snuck one of those puppies in your bag. I would have a hard time resisting them and your lemon tart. I would be sneaking both of them. Much love Xo