Friday, July 16, 2010

Peak of Heat & of Chic

Days like this remind me of my years in NYC; when we wore skirts & suits & stockings to work all year, in the days before it was acceptable to get to work in your tennies. Whether by foot or subway or cab, in summer you were drenched by the time you got to work. The worst was a short-term flat in an artist's studio in Hell's Kitchen, no a/c. If I close my eyes, I can smell the trash in front of the restaurants on 50th just off 7th, on the final steps to my office. I'd rather be walking in the cool jardin of the Villa Ephrussi on Cap Ferrat:

And swimming in the sea; Villefranche is very authentic despite the cruise-crowd:
Some women manage to always look great, even in the heat. Anne M. is one of those. She reps for Jack Rogers (classic Jackie O./Palm Beach) sandals and sells in the Rancho Santa Fe market. Shoot, I cut off her navy and white sandals in this pic; I picked the same ones. Of course I was focusing on the Menton basket and her clothes, but I will do another post on her. Anne is always dressed like this; perfect. Immaculate. I used to go to the markets in skirts and heels, but the other vendors chided me. And after a few years of it you will know why you don't want to wear heels to the farmers market.

Anne is a former professional ballet & modern dancer, as you can see by her excellent posture. She was diagnosed with Celiac disease after an exhaustive search of why she was not feeling better. An Ayurvedic-oriented physician finally told her that she was very sensitive to all the "crap" and metals (essentially) found in most commercial foods. Since going totally organic and fully gluten-free, she feels wonderful. She cooks organic and gluten free for her whole family as well, which is a lot of careful shopping. She's a great example of the difference fully organic can make. btw she went organic many years ago, when the NYC Union Square Greenmarket was just starting. Isn't she cute!
If all else fails, I recommend parasailing in the heat, preferably on the south side of Cap Ferrat as here :) Personally, I have the windows open (we have no a/c) and a gin & tonic in hand; the dogs had a bath and everyone is happy.
Tomorrow I have the camera ready to get some shots of Chic in the Heat. Hats on. Camera Ready. See you tomorrow at the market.

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