Friday, July 9, 2010

Medals, Pulls & Bracelets

This weekend I am going to have the religious medals out in the booth, at Corona del Mar Saturday 9-1, Rancho Santa Fe Sunday 9-1 and the Los Angeles Bastille Day celebration at Elysian Park on Sunday noon-9pm.

Here are some of the samples; I used vintage Bohemian crystal & glass beads I've had on hand, a mix of greens, blue, and a few smoky quartz and yellow citrine too:

We have a few crosses made up; these are most convenient if you want a pull tag on something because the crosses and the large beads at the top are easy to grasp:

I wish we had sun in Laguna; the mornings are so gray and it's not good photo weather, plus I can't see until it's too late that I'm a little out of focus, sorry...anyway, the colors of these green beads are beautiful! They will make wonderful Christmas gifts. These are the Old & Crusty medals with the green and smoky quartz:
I have a few bracelets made up and can make up whatever length I need in the booth; the cross at right is St. Anthony, patron saint of lost or stolen things:
the other bracelet has a very pretty crucifix:
My Mom decided she wanted to use a collection of them on her zippy wallet; they make a nice little jangle and she says a little prayer every time she touches them. All of the pieces have lobster claws to attach to your keys or wallet. See you at the markets this me if you need further information about any of the medals....


  1. J'adore. Had to pop in and see what you're up too.

    I have just polished off a slow pork pulled (in the crock pot all day) sandwich, lovely dill potato salad and fruit salad. So heavely when it is hot.

    Have a few hours to spend doing nothing. Sigh.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog ~ it's lovely! Your 4th of July photos are fabulous. I'm off to peek at your baskets ~ do you sell hats as well?