Monday, July 19, 2010

Miss Honey Turns One

It was Mom this time, not me. She had to have a small party, because today we have a joint birthday: Dad is 79 years old and Miss Honey is 1. We are having a family party & dinner next Saturday for Dad that I will coordinate, but Mom also wanted a cake today.
Honey is a Norfolk Terrier, but she doesn't seem like a dog. She's a little 9 pound creature, sort of a little woolly bear. She never barks, sometimes woofs a little at strange noises, and rarely gets into trouble. She's alert and active and full of personality, but quiet. Always with her people but never in our way. Little Biscuit makes up for Honey with her naughtiness, but that's for another time. Honey doesn't get up on furniture or the table even if food is there, unless she gets permission; to get her nose to the cake for a photo op I had to ask her up on the chair, then place a few pieces of hot dog on the lip of the cake plate and ask her to get it:Dad is happy to celebrate the Dog's birthday instead of his, especially since Honey is his wonderful little companion. Here is the card Mom got for Dad:and inside:
This is what you get when you have had 52 birthdays together, I guess. She thinks it's hilarious. He'd rather forget it and celebrate Honey's birthday instead.

In other news, St. Anthony surfaced today, not the result of my blog post either. An accident and not a theft. My client will be so happy, and I will thank her for her prayers and give her the medal. The other person gets the bracelet, with a different medal.

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