Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth

Miss Biscuit wishes you a Happy Fourth of July!

We are partying all weekend, and today is just the start; I loved the bunting so much in my booth today I came home and used it on the twin dinner tables:

I know everyone is into stars and stripes for the holiday, but I love to use bunting. You can buy it by the yard at Roger's Gardens:

On another table I used napkins at placemats; Mom insists on ironing the Matteo Vintage Wash napkins, though I have explained that's the beauty of them, not meant to be ironed!
Use the bunting for Memorial Day and Fourth of July, Red/White/Blue:
Or the other way: blue/white/red for La France and Bastille Day; here France and the US are cozied up together on the Ikea chaise that Joni from Cote de Texas advised; we're using the chaise a lot already this summer; I made the pillows a few years ago from vintage Ebay bunting:

And the flowers of the day; quickly-arranged mini roses from Hector at CdM market:
One of the twin tables:
Raw nut turtles, a take on the recipe found at Cru, HERE. These are basically souped-up trail mix turtles; instead of chopping the nuts, I left them whole, and added in Trader Joe's macadamia nuts and plumped dried cherries from CdM:
One last shot of the table, late in the day.
And the loggia; here today in tranquility my Mom discovered and loved Bunny Williams' book, and I started the Saladino Villa book, it was fun to sit down and linger over the pages together, telling each other why we loved certain images:
My sisters were 2 hours late as usual...ho allowed more time for browsing books as well as more photos as the light changed:

We had Julia's chocolate mousse; with candied orange and mint and berries:
Tomorrow we start again. I will be in Rancho Santa Fe til noon, then back to Laguna for more entertaining.


  1. Beautiful Pictures. Would love the recipe for the raw nut turtles! Oh I do love this whole setup, pillows, flowers. It's going to be hard for me to go out to my chairs with their tired cushions!
    Have a great 4th.

  2. I promise you that I would NEVER be late for a feast such as this. And that bunting! Your tables are just magnificent. J'adore!

    Now, Miss Biscuit, you have sent my Rudi off into a tail chasing frenzy.

    Happy 4th and I will be penning a lengthy email to you today after church.

  3. Andrea, Thank you so much for the recipe, I'm on my way to the kitchen to try out the turtles. Also thanks for putting my onto CRU, I will be ordering a couple reccommended books.
    Also thanks for your comments on my painting, appreciate it. Nancy

  4. I made the turtles. I did bars, they don't seem to be staying together. I will try again and leave nuts whole.