Friday, June 27, 2008

The History of Baskets in One Post

Welcome to my Blog! I wanted a way to write about everything that has happened up until this point in the creation of French Basketeer. Some people have said "you did that so fast!" but it was August 2007, close to a year ago, when I registered the domain name and began working on the concept. Since then I have been busy sourcing the baskets, tweaking the designs and pulling together all of the business and creative elements of the company. We officially launched on May 31, 2008.

There are stories to tell here, not just about starting a business, but about being environmentally conscious (and looking good while you do it!); keeping up with the rest of the world on eliminating plastic bags; aiding women in the 13th poorest country in the world...France and French influences are woven throughout the story...I'll stop there for now.

Please check back often for most posts, and above all, I hope everyone uses and enjoys their baskets!

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