Monday, December 3, 2012

Farm to Table with Kelly Emberg

Yesterday at the market I began to pull together some of the décor elements I want to use for the Farm to Table Brunch next Saturday.  There will be loads of paperwhites, the ones I showed you when I planted them a few weeks ago.  There will be white porcelain containers, vintage crates, and fresh pine branches~


I brought all the paperwhites down to Rancho Santa Fe for the market since it’s one less thing I have to worry about between display, silent auction, table setup, desserts (all mine, home made), pumpkin soup and gravlax I’m making.  I made a nice little display, looking more like a florist than the Information Booth~


I couldn’t resist a few pops of yellow from the Meyers Lemons at Sunny Cal’s booth.  I have some other lemons that I will incorporate into the desserts, but these are just too pretty to use for anything else but display~


My favorite is the giant clam shell holding the paperwhites….I added a little moss around the bulbs, and later dropped all of these containers off to a friend’s house, who will appreciate the look and fragrance in his home this week until we are ready to do the install on Friday~


Next year I think I’ll do these up and sell then; I had about 20 offers on them today, women commented all day and wanted to buy various examples, and I wonder if I should have sold a few to cover the cost of the bulbs….but no, I’m saving them for the Farm to Table….they look great with the tartan runners~


Truth is, this year, I can’t get enough of paperwhites, and they are most effective en masse~ 


I also spent part of the morning rolling and tying napkins.  We will use my white linen napkins (vintage and Matteo) tied with my favorite charcoal grey satin and sprigs of green and Brazilian pepper corns~


Also on Sunday I brought some mini leek quiches made with Descanso Farm fresh eggs topped with Comte cheese, which I will make again for the brunch….just for a little bite….


Now, we are limiting the brunch to 100 guests but we still do have some tickets left.  What I want to share with you here is that the event will be held at the beautiful estate of the very beautiful Kelly Emberg and her husband, in Rancho Santa Fe.  Kelly has an amazing farm on her property, and a film crew will be following Kelly throughout the morning as we prepare for the event.  Kelly and I will also film a segment together showing how to prepare a beautiful centerpiece and other little décor items from her garden.  I wasn’t so sure I wanted to share a camera screen with one of the world’s most gorgeous women…’ll probably see Kelly and I’ll be piping in off camera haha~

kelly emberg model gardner

One thing I have to say, is that Kelly is one of the most beautiful and genuine people, inside and out…I know that sounds a little cliched, but it’s completely true….she is also an amazing farmer and chef; be sure to check out and follow her website, which is in a blog-style format, HERE.  I’m really looking forward to styling her home and garden seating for the event and will be leaving some lovely florals for Kelly & her family to enjoy for the holidays.

If you would like to come to our Farm to Table event, you can purchase tickets for $125 at Neighborhood House’s website, see HERE.  I’ll have to post on Neighborhood House this week, but among their many wonderful and vital programs is Farm to Preschool meals (from scratch) for 8,000 San Diego preschoolers each week.  The farm to table is a benefit for Neighborhood House…..and….

Tickets are Tax Deductible!!

More on the Farm to Table prep this week….comment or email me if you need any information.  I also want to thank the legions of volunteers who will be helping out at the event….we had so many people who wanted to help at the event, but there will be more in 2013!


  1. Andrea you are doing a fabulous event as always. The giant clam shell with the paperwhites is my favorite as well! Oh and You Will be beautiful on camera with Kelly!


  2. Love all the paperwhites and their beautiful containers. It's not surprising that you had so many offers. What a fun event and so exciting to be a part of it all; I'm envious.


  3. I absolutely adore this display ~ as always.

    Will email you this am.

  4. Kelly Emberg is probably an okay gardener, but to call her a farmer is way out of line. They work very hard, and I don't think Ms Emberg knows the first thing about real farming.

    1. Yes, I have lots of friends and family who are "real" farmers, and I know it's hard work. Kelly calls herself a gardener, and I'd still call it a small farm. And whatever you want to call it, she is still a wonderful lady!

    2. wow a little harsh no? her excitement for gardening is quite refreshing

  5. Andrea, I see the clam shell planted with paperwhites and love it! Can you believe I haven't been able to find paperwhites anywhere here this year? Best of luck with the event and let us know where we can see the film.
    Hugs, Sherry

  6. There appears to be no end to your energy and talent. I wish I were able to experience one of your "From Farm o Table" events, but the airfares are still a tad too expensive to just whip over from Australia. Bisous

  7. You are brilliant and this event sounds amazing... oh how I would love to go!!!!
    Good Luck and enjoy yourself.
    Merry Christmas Andrea

  8. Andrea You are the winner of the Giveaway from Pamela with The House of Edward! Please email your address; (I cannot find it) Yay!

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