Saturday, June 28, 2008

France Bans the Bag

France passed a law banning the distribution of free plastic bags beginning 1/1/2010. Most shoppers and most stores have voluntarily given them up already. Though you have to remember, this is the country that has used baskets for EVERYTHING for decades.

The French in general, according to most reports and polls, are keenly aware of plastic bags' influence on the environment.

This pic is from the Parc in Beaune. It's pond is full of all kinds of birds & fowl and there are some huge nesting houses for them right on the water. In summer especially the parc is packed and the kids line up for the merry-go-round. We love to "pique-nique" there and then walk through the adjacent vineyards. There is never a scrap of litter in the parc and the water is very clean as it comes from the local montagne.

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