Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spring, Please

I think just about everyone is having some kind of nasty weather this weekend. My niece Erin is in DC and gearing up for the snow. In Laguna we had rain and wind all night and early this morning, just into the early hours of the Corona del Mar market, so I stayed home. We got a little sunshine later in the morning; I was enjoying the last of my Christmas amaryllis, so I went outside to see what else I could find for winter blooms; to start, my "dog" at the kitchen door, with some orchids; they rebloom every year after the first rain, with no assistance:

Some shade azaleas that have been blooming steadily for several months, they are so bright and pretty!

I brought all the amaryllis inside after the last rain, and they are still going strong:

This is also the time for the bird of paradise, here with the new flowers on the jade plants behind:
And the last of the meyers lemons; the rest were put to use in cosmos!

Isn't it just about time for spring? Since it's so gray outside, here are a few shots from last spring to give you some color and cheer in the rain and the snow; it will only be a few more weeks now....I need to get into March, then the new merch will be out on my tables.

These first three shots are from Corona del Mar; as I say, the ladies are usually Chic or Sporty; either way they always manage to look great! This is the Gardenia tote in Large; it really suited her:
This is the yellow Cannes in Large; those are my first Gardenia totes in the background:
This shopper had all herbs and greens and whites in a green Cannes basket, which is her normal shopping tote; it was fresh & fragrant...and was a miniature green & white gardenscape:
Earth Day will also be here soon; everyone found something great at the French Basketeer booth last year at several events, including San Juan Capistrano and Santa Barbara~

How cute are these guys? These hats went like hot cakes; I donated the proceeds from them to the Ecology Center:

I will have parasols at the fairs this spring & summer too; I wholesale them in all colors for $3 if anyone needs some; this beautiful little fairy is from Santa Barbara:

Eventually, believe it or not, summer will be here! I love to use the baskets instead of a vase; that is, just put the glass vase right in a basket; throw a scrap of burlap around the top of the basket to cover the vase. I see a theme here with a lot of my booth photos, which is my signature black & white awning stripe. It was the perfect, logical choice to set off the colors of the baskets. Wonder where I got the idea for that?...

Stay warm and dry everyone, and hold on for just a few more weeks!!

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