Monday, January 17, 2011

The Romantics

I am honored once again to be featured in Romantic Homes Magazine, for February 2011. The cover is clean and crisp and so pretty; we are billed there as “Annual roundup of women who inspire”~


Each woman has a page, and we were asked to show photos and write about the things that inspire us and what "Romantic" means to us; here is my page~


The chicken pic top left is from the Carousel in Beaune. You can sit at a cafe on the Place Carnot and watch it go ‘round. Burgundy is big-time chicken country, home of the Bresse Chicken, and I love the whimsy of a poulet on the carousel…

The paper lanterns are from the 21st Birthday party I hosted in Laguna for my niece Nicole last spring, followed one day later by a 20th birthday party for my niece Erin. The parties were at night, under the lighted lanterns, and VERY pretty, very feminine, totally fun.

The bottom left shows detail of a necklace I love to wear for special parties; it is a 1920’s belt that was refitted by a wonderful NYC artist.

I am a cross between a Pragmatist and a Romantic, though if I had a choice, I would of course abandon myself to the Romantic life, spending my days gazing at 18th and 19thC paintings, imagining a truly Romantic life, ruled by passion and fantasie, with no cares to the mundane aspects of life~


I would spend my days walking the streets of Beaune, a town which I love dearly; arm in arm with R, with no care to time and when the financial markets will open or close, watching the duckies at the exit of the small stream which runs under the center of town and provides humidite to the caves and feeds the large pond at Parc Bouzes near our home. Beaune is another life; it is calm, it is free of the demands of our families and jobs; it is a tremendous source of inspiration and replenishment for me~ parc bouzese

Alas, work keeps me here more than there, for now, and so I have to indulge in Romantic things like sherbert-colored paper lanterns under the loggia in Laguna~

paper lanterns

I have so many inspirations and loves, it was hard to narrow it down for this narrative. However busy we are, I hope everyone has some time for whimsy, for dreaming, for fantasy. It is essential for the soul.

The issue is on newsstands now; pick up a copy if you don’t subscribe….

Encore, merci mille fois a Jacqueline et cie.


  1. Oh Andrea, I just adore all of your thoughts and images, so inspiring. We all need some fantasy and dreaming.....Beaune is one for me!


    Art by Karena

  2. Yay Andrea!!!!;) I am sooo happy for you!You are so talented and Im so thrilled I can read more about you in the new issue!!Maybe someday I will be so lucky~ Big congrats to you my friend!! :) Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. Well now congratulations on an honor rightly bestowed. I'm in awe of the delightful looking party (parties) you hosted, the lanterns are fabulous. I have not heard of Beaune but now I have an urge to visit, to meander there and see your ducks. You are quite inspirational.

  4. Congratulations to you Andrea for being in Romantic Homes again!! I love those paper lanterns at the b-day party you hosted! The colors are awesome!!

  5. Congratulations! So very exciting Andrea...the last picture is Amazing!

  6. Congratulations.

    And such a beautiful post!

    I will be posting some photos later today which I took at Boston Museum of Fine Arts yesterday--photos of photos and photos of paintings.

  7. Andrea, I got my copy yesterday. I love your photos and the article. Congrats!!

  8. Oh my goodness - How exciting!
    I can't wait to see it.
    The birthday table is delicious!!!

  9. Very well deserved. You truly live a life in which the everyday is an elevated pleasure.

    Oui, encore!

  10. Bravo! Andrea,
    Congratulations on your success.
    you inspire us amd motivate. We all need a little Ambiance and romance, I use those Lanterns too. They do the trick, Magic! Lets have More.. Yvonne

  11. Congratulations, Andrea!! I can't wait to pick up my issue of the magazine. I LOVE the chicken on the carousel--LOVE IT. Also, the lanterns for the parties were just magnificent. Best wishes for continued success!

  12. Andrea I am very excited to purchase this issue and read your piece. You are a woman of great style, class and you know how to embrace the goodness in life. For me, I need to be reminded to enjoy and capture all those beautiful moments. Congratulatons to you!!

  13. hi andrea...
    i cannot believe we do not know one another...
    CONGRATULATIONS on your lovely article i will surely buy a copy to learn more about you and your business... we seriously need to connect..
    i buy market baskets and need more for my store!
    xx pam

  14. congratulations! thank you for stopping by the blog (oh and i wrote you an email).

  15. Amazing! You have such natural talent for beauty ~ congrats on this great accomplishment.


  16. You are one very talented lady! Well done!