Sunday, February 6, 2011

On Being Eco

I am pleased to be quoted in the Los Angeles Times re the Santa Monica Bag Ban.    Though I do not rant about it on my blog, I remain a staunch advocate of no-plastic and anything-reusable.  “Nuff said.”   If you are a follower of my blog and you still accept plastic bags, please email me immediately and I will set you up!!!!   Secretly, I wish I were in a locale where I could shop markets daily and bike to work, oh yes, with a basket on the front please~    

chcle ch cop

Or here, in Estonia.  I have a Moroccan tray just like this, and I am happier about it than she is here~

cycle chic estonia

I follow the Cycle Chic Blogs as they give me a whiff of Europe…..would you, could you, cycle to work…?


  1. We rarely use plastic bags anymore, but I am terrible about forgetting to grab my bags as I walk out the door and almost always have to walk back up 3 flights of stairs (we live on the 3rd floor) to get them. Gah! I also found that the plastic netting put around turkeys, onions and oranges are a great alternative to those little plastic produce bags.
    I wish I looked that awesome on a bike! I used to bike to work way back before Indy was born and we lived in Germany the first (and second!) time. James Bond walks to work (it's only about 5 minutes away), but he has biked to work in the past when it was slightly further away, but not far enough to justify driving.

  2. I work from home so biking to work would be strange :) The neighborhood I live in isn't exactly bike friendly and the summers are much too brutal. I would enjoy a place where it was the norm. I saw something about a town in CA where everyone bikes, they even have bike valets!

  3. Unfortunately, I am one of those who still gets plastic bags! I know boo, hiss! Here in Kansas you rarely see anyone do anything different. I do use some of my bags in my cats litter box, but a lot of the thinner ones I just throw away. Please don't hate me. I'm trying to change!

  4. I try not to use plastic bags, they are so harmful to the environment!

  5. I use plastic bags as little as possible. There are occasions to use one: transporting a roasted chicken from market to home is one; but usually I stay away from them. As for bicycling to work and back, I could do that, although it is a little far and dangerous on our roads here. I used to bicycle everywhere!

  6. Yes! I love cycling and am doing a post on winter-cycling right now. I love my bike and how it makes me feel. Good for everything. XO

  7. I don't use plastic anymore, I use bags and the french market basket that I bought from you and I love it! I bought a Raleigh bike with a basket and bike to the store with it. When it starts staying light out in the evenings, I am going to ride it to work. xxoo :)

  8. I use cotton market bags that a gal on Etsy made for me....several years ago. I love them. I would bike to work if I could but I live too far out in the country. My son, who lives in Manhattan bikes to the ferry every morning for work unless it's snowed 2 feet. :) Happy day to you.

  9. Andrea I cannot cycle to work; however I could to the grocery!! As soon as I am in full recoverfrom these surgeriesthat is!

    I admit to using plastic ocassionally and I know it is bad! I love that tray and why isn't she smiling?!

    Art by Karena

  10. Very good question. Depending how far I would have to bike.
    I will say this, it would do the body a big favor, exersize we all need.


  11. Happy Valentine's Day---it is the Fourteenth tomorrow!