Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feathered, Furry & French

In the French culture, especially en province, there is an integral relationship, as well as a strong respect, between Man and Animal. I found this sweet lamb on the drive home from Louhans, with its mother and siblings, still nursing~


Here the hen and the coq, Louhans market; we are grateful for the daily eggs; is it me, or do you also see the “expressions” on their faces, like a conversation?~


The handsome cheval, in a field full of wildflowers north of Beaune~


Rare breed goats were found at La Ruchotte, post later; I adored their wise faces~


Rare breed sheep were also on the property~


I do not remember such long tails on sheep; is this common?  But I did get a shot of the baby, baabaa black sheep~


and another, long-haired (Icelandic?) sheep~?


Elsewhere in the yard, a pair of giant hogs (check out that snout!) and a coq, enjoying the afternoon heat~


I pass most of the year in Laguna Beach, California, where I am more likely to see dolphins cresting in the ocean or pelicans by the dozen passing overhead.  In France, it’s another story.  One can not escape animals; they are omnipresent, in their living form as well as an occasional ceramic version~


A short walk from our house in Beaune will find you in the lovely Parc Bouzaise; Laura and I took a stroll through the park on Sunday;  there are many lovely fowl, and I am happy to report that they are all extremely friendly~


of note, this is the true “Dove Grey;” this pigeon wears its colors well!


More on the Parc later, the star animals of Burgundy are found at the Monday morning Louhans market.  Here you will find the finest specimens of volaille


This coq is magnificent; it is this man’s pet, not for sale; he feeds it by hand; this rooster is tres beau~~


Chickens are highly expressive; it is too bad most Americans don’t get to see these animals; the French respect the gift that the animal has given, its life; I am not at all a fan of the U.S. commercial livestock growers, but that’s another post.  That being said, each time I go to the Louhans market, I serve the same thing for lunch at home in Beaune; Quiche and a bottle of Domaine Gros rose.  The gift of the Egg is enough.


Elsewhere at the market at Louhans there are exotics; you might find a peacock or peahen, or any number of other animals~


Such as this adorable fluff of a puppy; for companionship, not for dinner!


As well as this adorable little one; it’s all there at Louhans.


See you next time at the markets!!


  1. What a treat this post is. That long haired sheep is something I have never seen. The cow is so cute , what happened to her horns? I tried my hand at raising weird chickens, the cut ones w/ hats. The Rooster hated me an I was attacked every day.Now Lambs Hummmm!!!!!

  2. Your photographs are beautiful Andrea!

  3. Oh sweet lamby!

    Laughing again at those hogs. Wasn't that grand?

  4. I love the pictures of the beautiful farm animals. Certainly, not a regular sight around here. I am definitely going to try the scone recipe. Thanks for these delightful posts about your trip.