Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pick Me Ups

With a little help from my friends, the reminders of that day ten years ago were quickly forgotten. On Monday I received a little bit of sunshine from Laura, who sent me two of her pom poms, which I think will soon be found in her Etsy shop HERE.  You can find all sorts of adorable things there in the meantime.  I immediately put them on an XL Moroccan tote that I’ve been using lately, and have gotten lots of compliments~


Tuesday I received a wonderful little package from Karena, with all sorts of goodies, including this Mission Fig candle, which I burn nightly and is very soothing, not to mention the scent is fantastic~


But it works both ways; on Tuesday I got an email from a blogger friend who had just received my little pick me up gift of a few Metis Linens; and was she ever jazzed to get those, and did that also make me so happy!

Of course nothing picks me up like some more vintage French silver; so I found a dozen late XIXC vermeil knives by Odiot.  Love these and will use them often, I’m thinking their feminine touches will be perfect for dinner with the girls.  Why are my dear friends so far away, I would love to have them over for dinner tonight after I clean these up a little~


And serve them coffee with a trio of new spoons; dated 1774, 1776 and 1765, pre-dating the French Revolution~


I am fascinated with dated French silver.  This spoon was made 100 years before the end of the Civil War, and 200 years before I was born!  Not to mention, the monogram is fantastic~


Thank you all for your kind wishes and 9/11 memories!  How lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life now~


  1. LOVE seeing the kindness of people. Glad you got those little pick me ups!


  2. I'm so happy you were treated to so many sweet surprises my friend~ You deserve to be pampered and thought of too!:)

  3. Andrea, Sounds like you had a great week and some nice surprises! Love the silver.