Monday, October 1, 2012

Food Station Eats

Sis & Hubs had their party last weekend, I mentioned.  It was at their home, they ran the show, and I just helped with some tabletop styling and flowers and greeted guests.  It’s interesting to me, we spent the first dozen years of our lives together, eating mac & cheese, spaghetti casserole, meatloaf and tuna casserole together.  Our early food years resembled many other families in the US, I think….I was not at all into food as a child; this is me at right and my baby Sis Jacquie at right; Cap’n Crunch or Wheat Chex made made me happy back then….

me as a child

At some point, everyone comes into their own and creates their own experiences.  I spent 14 years in New York City and have eaten high and low, eating NYC restaurant food for breakfast lunch and dinner….exclusively.  I said that if I never ate out again in my lifetime, I would be happy. Except La Grenouille….please let me eat here again…..

la grenouille

Add in Paris and Tokyo and London and Beaune and rural France….yeah…I am a rather unapologetic foodie.  I like good food.  Why eat bad food?  I am conditioned…..but I am also tolerant….

I suggested a few alternatives to Sis’ favorite caterer, but in the end she went with what she knows, and I totally get that.  She loves the idea of food “stations”…the first, braised beef and onions on mashed potatoes, in a (plastic) martini glass~


Curry chicken and noodles (left) and pork stir fry (right) served in Chinese take-out boxes with chopsticks~


Two salads at the next station~


I could not tell the two salads apart, and they had no salt…no taste….


The dessert station was a scoop of vanilla ice cream, two donut holes, whipped cream from the can and a generous dollop of chocolate sauce~ I hope the latex gloves are a catering requirement….they sort of spoil it for me…


It was a very hot day, and the food stations and bar let everyone mingle, wander around the yard and eat at their own pace.  Beer and ice cream sundaes?  I guess they go together.  I enjoyed greeting guests in the kitchen while watching everyone make their way around the food & drink.


This is perhaps a case of Know Thy Audience.  Everyone LOVED the food and ate it up!  Sis was SO happy!!  On the other hand, Dad had a taste of it all and refused to eat any more; worse, said he would not even feed the leftovers to Biscuit.  Right to the garbage, he said….We have a debate underway…Other party ideas to follow this week….


  1. Sounds like a fun day.
    I smiled at your father refusing to eat the meal. He must be selective.

    I must say I always prefer something home cooked, no matter how simple, to a catered event.

    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  2. I love your food show here! Good food is the best! :)


  3. I have a smile on my reading between the lines - perhaps I have zoomed off on a tangent? Got my I pad back from Switzerland yesterday so we may finally get to talk!

  4. Andrea thank you so much for the cheering call last night!

    I will say have truly spoiled your parents, more than any loving caretaker ever.I can't wait to hear what you are planning for your Brother's stay!

    I am having an amazing Giveaway of Plush Pumpkins from Love Feast!
    Art by Karena

  5. How can a father be that rude to his daughter? If it were my party, he would not be invited next time. Being a relative doesn't give one license to act rudely.

    1. Sallie, it was a corporate event, so he wasn't invited, but he still didn't like the food! Sis is cooking for him/us on Saturday, we will see what he thinks of the food then....

  6. This makes me a tad nervous to have you over to dinner. It won't be La Grenouille, but my husband is a good cook!
    The party looked FUN.
    Mary Ann

  7. Your dad just cracks me up! Hope mom had a nice visit. Sweet Boy and I will be heading to Disneyland soon.

  8. I haven't had Cap'n Crunch in decades...what a memory! I'm with you...better to eat good food but these days, it's mostly cheese and crackers. Just to keep body and soul together.