Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paris Guide to Macaroons

I have to say, I am really missing my blogging lately.  There is always so much going on, even when I try to be devoted to finishing Rêve Paris, but I will be back soon…blogging in force.  Meanwhile, as we work through the layout of the book, I have added a section on the best macaroons in Paris, with addresses and details, what to look for, who, where and why.  This book is a great project for me in that I am compiling extensive information from my own memory banks as well as a little other research all in one place.  The address section at the end has ballooned; it’s one big fat reference guide on Paris, lavishly illustrated with photographs.  And after writing about the best macaroons, I’m ready to get on a plane today in order to have a plate full of these.  I’ll eat one for you too~

topten7 a boxed cake or pastries

Or do I want these?  The next time I am in Paris I will make the macaroon rounds again, with more photos.


Macaroons are one thing I have never dared make.  But if you want to give it a try, I’ll tell you where to go in Paris to get all the gear.


Not ready to jump on the plane to Paris for a macaroon just yet?  Just watch this, you will….

Thanks to so many of you for your encouraging emails!!  I have a list of Super Wonderful People who will get this hefty book for free when it’s finished.    I’m turning comments off so I can get back to work.  And when I’m back to blogging, watch out, I have lots of French and Holiday goodness coming up as soon as this project is completed.  Now, hopefully you are someplace where you can run out and find yourself a macaroon today!

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