Saturday, November 23, 2013

French Hang Tags

I’m not into cards at all for gifts.  I love to get them, but I rarely gift them.  But I do use hang tags, especially in craft paper, and I usually buy them in Beaune.  Stopping by Michael’s yesterday for a chalk pen, I happened to find some hang tags  that I really loved, and so they came home with me.  Years ago, I had a client in Los Angeles make up similar hang tags to my specs, printed in French.  They were on the packages at the front door in the Romantic Homes shoot, HERE, if you look carefully, with red ric-rac for ties.  My two favorite scripts on these tags are Livraison Immédiate and Livraison Rapide.  Even if you don’t speak French, or know that livraison means delivery, you will probably get that there is something “immediate” about this gift.  It’s a nice little joke, and very French…..a cold bottle of Champagne with a tag that says Immediate Delivery…French tag, French Champagne….deliver this one cold, A.S.A.P. with the implied and let’s also drink this one right away and have a little party.  And I must say, you’d be welcome walking into anyone’s home or party with this bottle~


While the printed versions are nice, it’s great to make them up on the fly, with various fun titles.  I included the little bloom of paperwhite in this pic to show you how white sets off these colors.


Have fun with the text; here are just a few of the titles I use:

XXOO ~Moi  {love and hugs ~Me}

Mon Amour [My love}

Joyeux Noël {Merry Christmas, with two dots over the E in Noel}

Je t’Aime {I love you}

Gros Bisou {big kiss}

There was one other that left my market booth this morning before photos; that went home with a young girl who bought this fuchsia basket for her Mother for Christmas, because Mom has long admired it on my tables.  Pour Maman = For Mother.  Here is the tag on the basket this morning.


A few other ideas:

Pour Toi {sounds a lot better than “For You” doesn’t it?}

Bonnes Fêtes {Happy Holidays}



You can use various pens for this little project; here is a white chalk pen and a red chalk pen.


I like the red a lot for Christmas~


I like the chalk pens since they give a good, opaque lettering.  At top here below is a white Sharpie; and below that, the chalk pen.  I definitely prefer the chalk pen, which does not smudge on the tags, if you are wondering~


The chalk pens come from Michael’s in a set of four for $11.99.  I don’t see them on the Michael’s site, but you can find them at any craft store.


The tags are sold in a set of twenty for $2.99; the baker’s twine is also from Michael’s, $2.99.


Cut a length of about 7 inches of twine and then double it.  Loop the twine through the tag’s punch hole and knot the loose ends of the twine.  Double the twine back through the loop and tighten.  Like this~


Write on the other side of the tag in a fine marker for “To” and “From,” or to describe your gift.  For example; Homemade Clementine Marmalade.”

The good news is that these are really fun; the bad news is that if you are only making ten the supplies will mean each tag costs you $0.90 each.  Make more and your costs will go down.  And of course you now own some chalk pens.  If you have them already, you’re cost is low.  Email me or comment here if you want me to make up a set of ten for you, with your preference of wording.  I can do a set of ten for $10 including shipping within the continental US.

Have fun making some great French tags this season~


  1. Fabulous idea - you are always soooo creative.
    Warm regards

  2. Brilliant Andrea! For years now I have kept a package of kraft paper tags in my gifting stash of supplies. I love your idea and I couldn't agree more that although I adore receiving a card, I generally use a tag with a wee message. I will have to try your idea of a chalk pen; thank you! x

  3. It is the small details in life that make a gesture so special. I have not tried the chalk pens yet!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. Love these and would like to order a set, please contact me at Thank you!

  5. Love these and would like to order a set. Please contact me at Thank you!

  6. Making tags and collecting unique tags is one of my secret obsessions...These are wonderful, Andrea!
    I love how you tagged the basket, "POUR MAMAN", for the young girl. Such a lovely touch, making her gift personal, authentic and très spécial!

  7. Such a darling writing in French, too!

  8. Darling idea. Thanks much for sharing it!

  9. What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love this share! Your French writing … truly a "gift" tag!