Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tomorrow in Paris

All of my recent styling work has kept me away from blogging.  In fact, it’s also kept me away from packing for my trip to France.  It’s true, I think nothing more of going to France than going to San Francisco, but now it’s crunch time.  Tomorrow early morning I leave for Paris, and I started to pack this evening, when I got home from LA at 9pm.  I have done great work this holiday season; I am pleased, and more importantly, my clients have been perfectly pleased.  It’s the stuff you can not buy, but I can make for your home.  If you can buy it at Trader Joe’s or other stores, you can’t have it; I will make something custom for you, like this~


I have a little more than three weeks on this trip; I will be heading from Roissy to Champagne, to taste and stock up on some holiday cheer at my favorite organic Champagne vintner. Then to Beaune, where later this week we will welcome three chefs from San Diego for a brief tour, but in a few days we will cover a lot of ground.  On Saturday morning I will take them on a tour of the Beaune market, which many of you know is my favorite market in the entire world.  For New Year, R and I will spend five days in Paris, taking a few more final shots for Reve, going to the Louvre, eating our way across town, visiting my favorite markets and seeing all the Christmas Chocolates that are on offer.  I really want to make a trip to Brittany to see my dear friends Guy and Jacqueline, maybe in January.  And watching the fireworks shoot off the Eiffel Tower, LIVE on New Year’s Eve…that’s what I’m talking about….oh yeah!


Final basket orders ship tomorrow; follow me here for some blog posts, and also on Instagram and Facebook for some items that I am finding in France that you just might need….just look for French Basketeer on either.


It will be particularly fantastic trip. I can not wait!!


  1. So gorgeous!! Safe fun! The trip sounds dreamy.......New Year in Paris, perfect!

  2. Andrea, this trip to France sounds so exciting! What could be better than Paris at New Years!
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  3. Your trip sounds phenomenal!! I'll be following all the way. Have a safe journey!

  4. Have a wonderful trip! diana

  5. Have a great time in France!! I see you referenced Reve. It has not come out yet correct?

  6. Have a wonderful wonderful time. :)