Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Prepping for Paris Bistro

This Saturday I will host the next French Food Camp at my home in Laguna Beach.  You can think of it as a boot camp for French food, or possibly book club for food, minus the books….the first few months everyone was taking copious notes and such, but over time the group wants to eat, chat, chat, drink, and chat, and eat.  And learn a whole bunch of new things about how to cook and shop and how to eat, French Style.  Get the picture??   Each month there is a theme, generally based on the seasons and what is good to eat at that time of year, but this Camp will mark the first destination-oriented event…dedicated to Bistro Food.   And while the Bistro is certainly not limited to Paris, we are focusing on Paris, full stop.  It will be a thoroughly French affair, with my favorite comfort foods as only the French can prepare, and an antique dealer hosting a small brocante.  Today I spent the day in the kitchen testing and noting a few more recipes.  Simple potatoes need not be boring….


when paired with bacon, that is~


I started my afternoon with tea and leeks.  This will become a gorgeously simple soup on Saturday.


I gave Jill a small cup of leek soup to taste…with a little crème fraîche and watercress~


There will be various courses Saturday, and several choices within each course.  And wine, though it will be served in bistro style~


Today Jill and I made the first of several terrines of pâté de campagne, a rustic style terrine made with ground meats, pistachios and cèpe mushrooms from Beaune; it will be great with the amazing bread from Bread Artisan Bakery that we will enjoy on Saturday.  Killer bread, authentic French Bread.  I am so excited!!!!  The first time I made this pâté I had my doubts, but one taste and I was sold.  Can’t wait for the group to taste this on Saturday.


The little vintage loaf pans are numbered, a gift from Brian at Republic Goods for Christmas…love love love…


If you are interested in joining French Food Camp, you can find the list of upcoming camps HERE; we also do private parties and you can contact me HERE for more details….we will post pics of the event on Saturday here so check back shortly~

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  1. Such a perfect description as to how your classes have evolved my dear! I love "a book club for food, minus the books". I like to think of the monthly afternoons at your home learning about food, shopping and French culture … as our own little Fleur De Lis Club! Can't wait to see you saturday my dear! xox

  2. You are the MASTER of Great Ideas...Love it..

    1. Of course I am wearing the apron you made for me at all my to you today!! xxooA

  3. Come on now.... Let's schedule oneat my house!!!
    You and Chris should coordinate as he wants to be your sous chef!!!

    1. You're on, my dear La Dolfina!! Let's book a date!! XXOOA

  4. Dear Andrea,
    How much French fun for your friends and attendees! I wish I was there of course and we will have to time my next trip with a class for sure! Isabella was with me this weekend and says "Hi to Andrea"!
    Love that you are doing more updates. Will call soon!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Centre Cannot Hold

  5. Soooo on my bucket list...
    Fly to Laguna and cook beside you.