Saturday, March 28, 2015

It’s Now Private

Today is the first day that I am officially having a private culinary class in Laguna.  While we have been meeting monthly for the French Food Camp (I like to say it’s book club for food), my private classes will be a chance for you to learn very specific skills and how to execute the menu of your choice in a focused environment.  Entertaining and cooking need not be complicated, once you know what you are doing.  And it can and should be a thoroughly luxurious experience.  You just need to know what you are doing.  And that’s what I will show you.


You can select the menu from a long list of dishes I will give you.  Recently we learned a few tricks about how to cook with herbs.  We could spend the whole day talking about how to use Chervil and Chive in your menu.


If you have always wanted to know how to make a perfect chocolate cherry tarte, start to finish, I can show you.  We will make the crust from scratch, and you will learn exactly how to do this.  In summer I make minis, and drop one pitted cherry into each tarte.  It’s fantastic!

choc cherry

Or if pasta is your love, let’s make fettuccine from scratch, with lobster mushrooms and asparagus.

pasta fresca1

Today, we are focused on lemons, Meyer and Ponderosa.   It’s your class, you decide what we will cook~


Everyone likes to get in the act.  The mirror is 1920’s and framed.  An alley find, but it’s nice sitting in my basket at the kitchen door.  How much is that doggie in the mirror???


One of today’s menu items is lemon curd, so we have a large basket of pastured eggs on hand.


And herbs, lots of herbs.  We will talk about the range of herbs; this is Lemon Balm, also known as Melissa.  You need this herb if you have a little garden space or a pot by the kitchen door~


You can reserve a class for two, four or six, HERE.  For chefs not local to Southern California, there is the possibility that you can spend the weekend with me in my guest quarters.  Please email me andrea at

Enjoy your weekend, now, back to my guests~


  1. Oh I how I would love to rake some glasses from you, if only I lived closer! But Virginia is a bit far from California. I cannot wait to see and learn more about your classes, I lve to follow along from afar.

  2. Bonne chance with this wonderful new venture that will utilise your many talents. XXX

  3. Sounds like your culinary class will be fun. Good luck.

    Sheila in SF

  4. Dear Andrea, you know I would be there every week if I was there in Laguna Beach!!
    Miss you terribly and Isabella is here this weekend (last too)
    Call you later!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. you need a taste tester? It all looks fabulous and I wish you WELL with this adventure!

  6. Oh it sounds perfectly marvelous!! I spot that Honey:)) Such a cutie!

  7. Oh how much fun that sounds! I would love to see some of the results, they all sound so delicious. :)

  8. SEIZE this time of year and cook to your HEARTS content!Wish I lived closer..................trying to get my friend KIM to sign up!!!!

  9. How wonderful Andrea, that basket of lemons is so lovely and I know your classes will be amazing!!
    I am very excited to hear more!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Dual Vision!