Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 Months

Today's date is.....August 25th. That means we are just 4 months from Christmas Day, can you believe it! I can't!
I have been busy with my holiday merch for some time, but now we are entering "Crunch time." I got the verbal approval to do the wreaths at one of my markets; here is a similar display:
My stuff will be different of course, and all from the markets; fresh & awesome! In the thick of selecting vendors; thinking we should do it to benefit a local non profit and perhaps take orders, so there is no extra merch on hand?
I love to do blown quail eggs and cinnamon sticks etc; we can incorporate these into the projects:


  1. Yes; that is time enough, though. No sense in hurrying it along!

  2. It IS less than 4 months away! I love all of the decorating for Christmas!

  3. Andrea, do you do Christmas wreaths and decor, too? The pictures above look gorgeous! And I love your basket filled with greens! Be sure to keep me posted as to when you have them for sale at the market.

  4. Amy, Christmas is my faaavorite holiday of the year. I do a lot of decor (all natural) and this year I will sell burlap and other bows at one of my markets. Stay tuned!