Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid-Week Markets & Googly Eyes

I have been haunted by this pic from last weekend. These crook-neck squash look just like little birds, and I love birds. Why didn't I buy some of these for our family dinner this coming Saturday?
Oh, now I remember. My sister is coming into town with her three little kids, under 10. Squash is not on their "eat" list. Her idea of a meal is order-in Round Table Pizza. If she has guests, she throws a tri-tip in the crock pot. My favorite sister and her hubby, the ones who egg me on to make Duck a l'Orange and count on something awesome, will not be here this weekend. The all-eaters round out the list. I have to cook to the crowd; there is no point making something too exotic or fancy. It will be roast chickens and filet mignon.

But I wanted to do something "fun" for the kids on the table. Tomorrow I take delivery on a new order from Madagascar that includes several dozen African animals made of raffia and natural fibers. I thought to put these on the tables. But I wanted to do something natural too, so I went so I went to a mid-week market to find more of those crook-neck squash. Versus the perfection of the weekend market, today I found this:
This is why I don't go to mid-week markets, though the prices are better. These birds look like they were beaten up in the bush. This is not Sunday market produce. And eggplant, which will become Penguins:
And bok choy that will become fan-tail goldfish:
I had 10 people in line behind me and someone asked, how will you cook that huge squash? I felt awkward saying " I am adding googly eyes and using them for the table." It is like 10" across. Rather than the natural route, which would be black beans, I went to Michael's and will add googly eyes to all.
Said googly eyes, waiting for a veggie:

Stay tuned for the final product!