Thursday, August 19, 2010

New from Madagascar

I received the new order from Madagascar today; yardage in raffia; this is pending a client's approval: would love to wallpaper a room or upholster in this, rough weave raffia; it comes in every color:

the weave is very good:
the green St. Tropez baskets which have been out of stock for a while:
the color is a little washed in the full late-afternoon sun, but this is an awesome basket:
and the yellow; just about the richest woman in Orange County bought this basket, because "it made her feel happy;" imagine yourself in St. Tropez....yessss.....
the lining is buttery yellow and love....the leather handles make it rich; this is a great set and it will go fast:
I spent a lot of time on this one; I have just a few; it's the Saint Remy with red and white stripes and cherry-red raffia trim. This is an awesome basket! Very happy!
it has the leather handles and interior zip pocket; look at the detail of the weave; I hate the idea of a "red" bag, but this is subtle and classic; $42/$52/$62:
Channelling New England, these adorable patchwork totes; imagining we are in Maine or Connecticut for the weekend....drawstring liner....$38/$48/$58:
the detail is great; it had a bamboo handle to start, but I prefer the leather for my clients and ordered it that way, it does not pinch like the bamboo; so cute, the girls love it:
I was to get a reorder of this, my signature Cap Ferrat tote. Sent the pic. Sent many emails, very specific. It's called Orange but it's not Orange, it's like a stoplight yellow. I took great pains to reorder this:
but what I got was this; orange:

oh crap. Crap. Crap. I will sell them, but now I must accommodate my back order clients. Crap....

I did get some new clutches that I love; I took the basic then souped it up:

Crocheted raffia with scalloped edge, MOP button close, I added an interior zip pocket and two magnet closures:

The linings are Madagascar silk, not the original synthetic; frankly, I have never seen silk so whisper light as this. I am amazed. It is SO fine.....I wonder if I should import it. These are roughly 9 3/4 x 5 1/2" and come in natural and chocolate brown $42; to order in any any color. Look at the variation in linings..platinum, black, grey, mauve; love it:

also got some totes in raffia: a wine bag which is here holding a large bottle of evian; note the braided raffia handles:
see the detail of the handles; so lovely, so sturdy:
a series of raffia gift bags; the largest here is 15 x12; same fine weave; FANTASTIC:

other bags in handmade paper with ferns; love these; 9 x11" in vertical or horizontal, and a wine bag. Braided raffia handles. Love love....comes also with flowers....these are to die for gift bags....these are all samples, and I will have them for sale at the markets.

the handles again:
Where are the animals I ordered? I looked in every basket. I had a premonition that Customs was taking the set of 25 little animals. Made of raffia. Yes, of course, the ONE thing I wanted in this order is missing. I am waiting to see if Customs confiscated them, but so far I don't know. Darn it! Where did my little animals go? More later.


  1. Andrea, you really out did yourself! The baskets and all are lovely! Hope you find the animals!

  2. want ... need ... must have!

    This order is fabulous! I love the orange for the autumn and the pinks and greens with those liners would be perfect for an afternoon on the beach. Oh, I'm in love! :)

    Let me know if you have any orange left once you get your orders filled.


  3. I can truly picture a wall papered in that lovely raffia. The size of the weave is perfect. I wallpapered one bedroom wall in a teal blue grasscloth once & it was so beautiful. I would love to use that green or the orange perhaps. All the baskets look great,the St. Remy is very fun. I think the gift back are brilliant, especially the wine bottle sized ones. I do hope your little animals show up. Maybe they needed a needed a rest stop? Ha! x

  4. Oh the raffia yardage and gift bags are just yummy.

    I adore the red tote. It is just enough red.

    Praying for your animals to show up.

  5. Love the Orange. Also let me know if you have any left. Everything looks yummy.