Saturday, August 7, 2010

Import Anxiety

The British tab's today showed this pic, Liz Hurley, Valentino's partner (right) and Valentino's "Brazilian Muse" (center); Ibiza I believe. Never mind the accessory phone or adorable little pocket dog, I loved the Muse's accessory Moroccan basket:
Clearly she possesses great taste :) I spy it a mile away as a variant of the new merchandise I am eagerly awaiting; here is an early sample pic:

A darker-than-normal palm, lambskin handles and trim. But I have added a linen liner, and longer handles:
It's accurate to say I agonized over this order. I have a lot of pieces in various sizes and shapes, unusual shapes, and I originally wanted them all to be lined in something fantastic:
I am sorry, I should not show that pic, because I am still salivating over the wide blue stripes. Until I got all the numbers crunched, and decided I would not yet like to be in the $150 basket range. If Bergdorf came calling, this is what I would show them. I am not there yet....

The 400 or so pieces that are now sitting on a Customs Hold at LAX are nonetheless fabulous. I spent so much time on their details, it is agonizing to have to wait yet one more day....

Good thing I don't smoke or bite my nails or anything; I'd be through 5 packs by now. Instead, I went for a walk, and got busy baking and setting the table for this evening:
A little dinner just for me and Mom; sheet from the market tables, flowers borrowed from the kitchen, candlestick borrowed from the living room; sober, simple, but pretty:
Dug out some NYC plates; I rarely use these for fear of knife scratches, but Mom understands:
Made Mom's fav, salmon en croute, with lobsters running across the top:

this was for me: sorta-rata-touille....layer slices of eggplant, sweet onion and tomato into a casserole of any size; stuff garlic cloves in, drizzle with olive oil and bake; sprinkle with Parmesan cheese at the end. I could just eat this for dinner:and scratch biscuits that both parents consumed in entirety; a pretty plate for Mom:
and another Nippon plate for Pop, who pronounced them delish and said "we should have this again sometime." Quite a compliment.
Monday, I pray, my shipment will be released. Stay tuned for the new pieces...


  1. LOVELY dinner you served! Some of my favorites! My eggplant is waaaay behind this summer. I'm already devising season extenders in my mind because I'm certain a cold snap is going to come before I ever get to harvest.
    Your new bags sound wonderful, but I'm not surprised. The ticking looks divine, but I love your price points where they are - means people can have more than one while looking every bit as fabulous as Ibiza.

  2. Where do you find the time for all your wonderful creations?!

    Supper looks amazing ~ love the lobsters. Recipes please!

    Your baskets are just wonderful. I've used mine numerous times already and it right arrived! I can't wait to see the next delivery on your doorstep.

    Relax and enjoy your Sunday ~

  3. Your beautiful dinner is making me very hungry. You are a wonderful cook and created a very nice table as usual.
    Can't wait to see the new baskets. I agree that blue and white stripe is fabulous...someday.
    enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. I can never get enough blue and white. So lovely~someday hey?

    I love the lobster details on the en croute.

    I created a similar vegetable casserole for this evening substituting eggplant for zucchini. It's cooking now~ yum!