Saturday, August 14, 2010

Camera Envy

Last Sunday, Raquel our Rancho Santa Fe market manager asked me to snap a few shots of the market with her camera, as mine was out of gas. Sure, no problem, would love to take a Canon EOS for a drive. Well, maybe not a good idea; major Camera Envy.

While my Canon SureShot is great for 95% of my photos, it's not good for closeups that involve any depth. It tends to focus on what is in the background, and the subject in the foreground is out of focus. This is a good example; it took me a long time to get a good shot, though the final one was better than this, this is what the camera usually does:Sooo...while my sister is out of town this week, I am trying out her EOS Rebel. These cameras are about $600 so I am not sure I want to pop for one, not to mention I don't think I want an expensive camera anywhere at the market but around my neck, but I decided to try it out.

Today I had all the new Moroccan merch at the booth. Unfortunately I was so busy during the market hours I didn't have time for a single photo, so I will do photos tomorrow. I also spent a lot of time with my good client Laura looking at French religious medals and jewelery. Here are two pieces from my personal collection that I had around my neck to show Laura; around my neck or someone will fall in love and have to have them:

A French art deco cross of paste diamonds and faux-sapphire (I think), set in sterling; about 2 1/2" long, very finely worked:
a mother of pearl and sterling cross, about 3 1/2" long; very pretty:
and even better when you see engraved on the reverse: On the left axe, E.D.'H (as in de' xxx - nobility):
on the right axe, "to P.M." My guess, Pere Michel or Pere M-something, a priest:
on the central axis, also finely engraved, Souvenir d'amitie or "souvenir of friendship."And the clincher, at the bottom, dated, September 1876.

1876: one hundred years after American Independence; the Statue of Liberty was commissioned to Frederic Bartholdi as a centennial gift in 1876 though it took a full 10 years for American funds to be raised for the pedestal; it took 8 years for the French to raise funds for the statue; 1876: Napoleon II ended his reign as Emperor only 6 years prior, and the Monarchy was again abolished. 1876: eleven years before the Eiffel Tower was built for the Exposition Universelle.

A little piece from another age, a gesture from a noble-man or -woman that would have made quite an impact, in the year 1876.

Next weekend we have yet another family dinner as my sister and family will be in from Minneapolis. Whatever will we have for dinner? I want to incorporate the berries from the Sunday market. So this afternoon I made some sample lovely little frozen parfaits and poured the syrup and boysenberries and currants on top. Note to self, keep the compote very cold too, and serve immediately. See what everything thinks this evening for a trial dessert. I'm thinking fresh berries in a strained boysenberry/currant/raspberry syrupy sauce.
I see the Canon EOS picks up the gold dots on the plate and the dessert as well as the swimming sauce. Much better than the SureShot! Check in tomorrow night for pics of the market tomorrow and new merch.


  1. YUM!! Looks like I could just take a bite right through the screen! I'm sure it will be a hit.

  2. I cannot get over the detailing of the food shots! Amazing camera!

    You are so much stronger than I am. I don't know if I could ever part with the fabulously engraved cross. The sapphire one is altogether lovely too.

    Although I never wear crosses as jewelry. Perhaps because I try to remember the signifigance of the cross.

    Can't wait to see the new baskets!