Sunday, August 15, 2010

New from Morocco

The new stuff is finally in! Today I want to show you some of the new baskets and take you on a tour of the market with my sister's Serious Camera, v. my usual Canon SureShot.

I have not done a display basket for awhile; here is today's casually gathered basket; lots of oohs and ahhs and "is it real?"....
I did another smaller one, a child's basket; I will show you more on that later this week:

I gave a larger mid-size to my neighbor vendor across the aisle, who kindly sets me up with tomatoes each week; he did this, all on his own, bravo!!! This sells tomatoes!
here is my display again; this is a basic model, $18. Lambskin handles, it holds a lot though it is not too large; great for a quick run to the grocery store:
I did a neutral booth today instead of my signature b&w; I brought a small side chair instead of the usual French garden chair; this one is pretty & chippy, gilt over gesso. It will be reborn soon with a new seat, but it was perfect today against the baskets:
the side detail is like Muguet or Lily of the Valley; I don't know why I am so in love with this chair, but I am!
I think it is a good contre-point to the baskets. Neutral yet bright, aged..... I just love it with the baskets, and thank you to the Canon for capturing it all, including the rosette detail:

I ran the EOS through its paces today; it did not get everything; here missed the strap but got the label and basket; I am still learning how to use it:
We sold very well today, here is the booth, with vintage French linen and cotton sheeting backing; it was fluffed and changed constantly as baskets sold:
the best seller: of course, as always, the Eze, covered corners in various sizes:
the first basket sold today was the one Dog Basket in this order; who wouldn't want it, sitting on the gilt chair, with long lambskin handles that fit over the shoulder:
It is going to be for Lucy the Jack Russell, but first we had to get a shot of ChiChi...she's our cutie at Maggie's booth each week:
My favorites of this order are the unusual shapes: round; this has shorter handles, about $48:
the range, baby baskets $12 and big oval Paris Satchel $62:
the set of two round bucket baskets $18 and $23 are going to be great for holiday and for gift: long lambskin handles; Djive uses this for a lunch bag and loves it; great for a bottle of wine and other gifties:
I have new oval and round, in various sizes; trying out the samples; these are all lined in three types of linens; about $48-62 each:
the range again; the round shape in front, sitting on today's prop: an old Moroccan tray from NYC flea:
I also bought a range of larger baskets, this one not trimmed but about $28; love this one for its generous width, you could find everything without overloading it; it opens up wide, really well:
And of course the Aix, lined now in a neutral linen, though I think all of these are now going to a bride in South Carolina for her dozens of bridesmaids; check with me for stock; look how perfect and regular the stitching is; I am happy:

the liners are fitted and perfect:
I have stacks of Bandols in various sizes and with and without liners $28-36:
I took the camera for a spin around the market; Allison's fleurs:

and arrangement bases; the camera handled this deftly:
peaches to adore:
Loic's pastries, a small sample today; he is the best!
at Sage Mountain:
Next door, the lettuce lady:
baby greens:
and the pre-juiced greens that I forgot to go back to pick up, darn it! $6, various greens, non-pasteurized:
the beans and squash; camera doing great!
cherry tomatoes; I am getting hooked on this camera now!
I tried Julia's artichoke recipe this weekend and will use it for next weekend's dinner; fabulously fresh, tight, green:
wow look at these blueberries; my Sureshot would never take this pic; yummy organic berries:
and fresh white corn:
tomatoes, chez my neighbor:
and Sage Mountain, these are what we have in France as melon Charantais, small and super flavorful canteloupe from Charente in the Cognac region:
also some herbs and raffia, testing the camera again:
these yellow squash look like little birds!
tiny potatoes:
and purple potatoes, which will become homemade crisps next weekend:
And lastly, to reinforce the camera, a bowl of boysenberries and mulberries at home; these were made into a sauce and strained and jarred, to be used next weekend. Guess I'll have to borrow this camera more often!


  1. Andrea, the new baskets are WONDERFUL!!! Are you ever at the Santa Monica Flea Market? I'm headed there next Sunday for a "vacation" day. Let me know where the Farmer's Market is that you display at; perhaps one day I'll get down there.

  2. I'm in love ~ they all look amazing! Such envy that you get to attend that beautiful market each week and bring all those fresh goodies home.

    I have a canon rebel xsi and love, love, love it! It's worth every penny. Treat yourself, I promise you won't regret your decision.


  3. Good morning Andrea & happy Monday. I hated for your post to end. Your sister's camera captured (along with your skill) all the beauty of your new baskets and everything that the market had to offer this weekend. I am a chair fanatic, along with lighting. I couldn't believe how your gorgeous chair reminded me of the bench that accompanied our families piano. Right down to the detail of the leg & rosette. I actually was browsing your website last week planning what basket I'd like to buy before we make the move to Scotland. Since I won't have a car, one of your baskets would be perfect for grabbing food @ the market before heading home after work. Not only are your baskets so beautiful and chic, the way you set up your space at the market is so elegant. I would be one to want to stop; look, touch and chat.

    I hope you have a lovely week. Now I think I'm off to the store to hunt for some peaches. Your photo had me craving peach pie!

    xx deb

  4. Oh I love the oval, no wait, the childs basket, um no it must be the dog basket, but that linen lined baskets are SO nice!

    The booth looks fantastic! Well done. Bravo!

    The chair. Sigh. Too much goodness today.

  5. Oh I just adore your blog!! Your baskets are wonderful as is your creative eye and photos. I must get some of your bags soon!! I adore the chair it reminds me of one from a very old lady that I have in my home now. she gave it to me about 20 years ago, she was in her 90's at the time and it was passed down from her mother, such great patina and detail.
    have a nice evening

  6. Love the pictures! The colors are wonderful! And the new baskets are so neat! Love 'em!

  7. oh la la! Andrea this was one juicy post. So many beautiful pictures and food. Your booth is beautiful and I love that chair too, the detail and patina is perfect.
    I just told my husband one of your baskets would be a great gift for his loving wife.

  8. Oh, the dog, I forgot about him! He looks like a person!

  9. Wonderful blog & fantastic baskets! I am your newest follower :)