Monday, March 7, 2011


My sister is laughing at me because what was to be a “quick trip” to Italy to visit her daughter (my niece) has become well, not exactly a production, but an Andrea “event.” I leave tomorrow.

I don’t know what she thought I would do….retire to a hotel room or museum?  I arrive into Rome on Thursday for a Vatican tour and also the highly-coveted Scavi tour beneath San Pietro Basilica.

Friday I visit the Borghese Gallery and perhaps the Tivoli gardens. I have the key stuff lined up and the rest will fill in; this is vacation, is it not?  A few shots here from my garden to tide me over~


Saturday I have  a 5 hour culinary class & lunch with a chef  in a restaurant not far from the Vatican; we will prepare a 6 course meal and enjoy it with an Italian wine pairing.  At about 2pm I will be off to wander Rome and perhaps go photograph at the Spanish Steps.


In Florence a few days later, we will visit the Uffizi and also take a 3 hour cooking lesson from the “Pasta Mama” in a small village in Chianti.  This is a plate of my favorite, pappardelle with funghi, that I made for my nephew’s graduation last spring.  I can’t wait to hear the pasta secrets, and think I will come home with a basic setup…..

pasta plate

A presto~


  1. This is my daughter's dream vacation - to travel Italy taking cooking classes (and eating). Unless the lottery pays off, it will continue to be just a dream. I think you might kind of be my hero. SO looking forward to seeing and hearing all about this trip. Safe travels.

  2. This sound like a dream come true! I will have to enjoy it through all the fabulous photos I know you'll be sharing when you return.

    Safe travels ~

  3. Oh Andrea I am a tad envious; a dream come true, and with the culinary classes as well as the museums!!

    So excited for you!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Sounds like a fabulous time!;) I cant wait to see photos from your trip~ hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  5. Sounds like a delicious vacation! Enjoy! xxoo :)

  6. Hi Andrea! just had time to catch up on some very belated reading...loved your dinner post, and yes, I would adore that recipe that uses lime in the sauce, etc...gorgeous! Have a fabulous time in Italy and tell us all about it when you are back!



  7. It all sounds wonderful. Hoping to get back to Rome this fall. Enjoy yourself! :)

  8. It's been ten years since I've visited these places. The Vatican Museum is such a fabulous place too. Have fun!


  9. Have a marvelous time! (I know you will!) So glad you'll have your camera with you!

    (*Sigh*.... those photos of your parents dressed to the nines in Europe are enchanting! Why don't we dress like that anymore? Oh yes... comfort. But I'd still like to do it sometime - go through Rome or Paris all dressed up like Audrey.)

  10. Aren't you supposed to be there for the cultural growth and business? Love those Italian men!
    Miss you!