Sunday, April 10, 2011

To Market, French Style

Two of my favorite shoppers at Rancho Santa Fe market on Sundays are Marlene and Gerard. They are, but of course, French! Gracious is their middle name, they are toujours impeccable, and they came by today as they do each week to chat and catch up on news. Today, however, was different, as they left in a vintage open USMC Jeep, which they brought with them from Massachusetts 15 years ago. I threw Biscuit in the mix to complete this photo op~


The irony of French, not Americans at the wheel; the perfection of the couple of Gerard & Marlene, two people, having too much fun~can you please adopt Biscuit and me?~ we want to go along on this ride~


A more adorable couple you might not find, but what I loved was their pride in driving a U.S. Marine Corps vehicle; Gerard is a student of History, and I love this generation, which has such an appreciation for America’s role in the liberation of France; Marlene is never without her Moroccan Aix-style basket that she has used for over ten years, here behind her seat~


Among the final shoppers of the day were this Mother & Daughter pair. Look at their hair cuts and fringed bangs, look at their perfect trench coats, handbags casually over the shoulder. Mom has stylish and age-appropriate hoop earrings, and Daughter must know that Ray Bans are now the “it” sunglass for French women….A+ Ladies~


Meanwhile, in the middle of all this Frenchness, I was doing pre-shopping for next weekend’s family dinner, which will be Italian style prepared by my sis and me. Here my favorite Candystripe beets, fresh garlic and Radicchio Tardivo de Treviso (Late, from Trevisio, near Venice) from my favorite farm Sage Mountain; I also got hydroponic basil for pesto and a variety of other goodies. All fit perfectly in a little mini Moroccan basket~


I have more to show you from Italy, but I can’t resist the opportunity to show today’s pics, and confess, yes, my heart still does belong to France!


  1. They are such beautiful people and look to be having a very happy time. Great photos, love the pooch.


  2. You meet the most wonderful people at market Andrea!! Be sure to send me more pics!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Ah, I searched and searched for a colored trench but alas they alluded me. So jealous says the now owner of a basic black model.

  4. Marlene and Gerard look like tremendous people. It truly is an honor to have such friends and they look like they love life. You do always meet the most fascinating people Andrea, I understand why you love what you do. I'm hoping your dinner this weekend turns out fantastic. You entertain always in such a beautiful manner. Have a memorable time and sending all my best to you.
    xx Deb
    (LOVE Biscuit)

  5. I haven't been able to hit the Corona Del Mar Farmer's Market--hoping to stop by sometime in June. But I love keeping up with your travels via your blog.

    Still love all the market bags I've picked up from you!