Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rome’s Farmers Market, Fiori

The Roman farmers market at Campo dei Fiori may be small, but it packs a punch.  Gram for gram, an incredible market, not one that can all be shown in a single post.

At the far end of the market are the flowers. Gli Fiori.  And what flowers, by only two or three vendors, but with vast displays.  In this post the photos will speak for themselves, I only need point out a few things, like these urn-shaped plastic containers, which were used heavily.  Magnificent camellias.  We will contrast this with Parisian markets in one week~


Wider shot; planed or tiered booths; enormous umbrellas. Fresh cut and potted plants~


There was a lot of other merch on the periphery, and on the move; the market at this early hour was not in full swing, but there was plenty of activity~


Transport vehicles ringed the market, tiny vintage trucks ++~


The flowers were opposite the exotic fruits.  Which way to turn? Color and eye candy was everywhere, and all of it was perfect~


And perfectly presented~


If you were cooking, could you NOT buy this?  Look at this green, look at the fresh cut.  OMG….


Back to the flowers, look at these magnificent hyacinth, the color!! Note they are in the same urn shaped container~


Ranunculus, calling out~


Often you see tulips for sale semi-open; all of these were closed tight and will grow for up to two weeks.  This is all prime floral…..and the colors were fantastic~


Daffodils for spring…!


And my fav, the cherry or other blossoms….


There was a lot of merchandise here to move.  One shot against a row of forsythia, which of course reminds me of Central Park~


At the lower end, carnations were available; at 3 euros a bunch, even these would brighten a Roman home.  Note they are all tight and fresh; this was every bit quality~


There were a few other items for sale, such as the classic stove-top coffee makers~


Pasta machines and ravioli cutters~


But no market baskets on offer.  Some experienced person told me, while I was on this trip, that the Italians have lost the idea of the basket.  Baskets are used heavily on bikes in Italy, here several feet from the Fendi store in Rome~


And here at an alimentaire  in Travestere~


I got excited when I saw this store, but it was just for show; no vintage baskets for sale.  Italy does not love the basket as much as the French, though it was used heavily at the market.  There is no Italian Basketeer, unless it involves a BasketBall, I think.  Next post, the market of Florence.



  1. Andrea the flowers are just astonishing. I love to see the various tulips all closed up tight ready to open!!

    Art by Karena

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  2. I'm over from Karena's blog ... Yours is lovely! Such vibrant colors!

  3. Exquisite....just love popping in here....
    shel x

  4. Fresh market envy ~ I'm catching up with your last two posts!

    Let me grab my basket {from you of course} and I'll be ready to go. Where shall we meet?

    The photos are amazing ... as always!


  5. You are killing me with these exquisite photographs. All my favourite things. Flowers, and fruit. Even the zucchini is perfection.

  6. Andrea, I was at the beach and my in laws had told me a box came for me but I did not get to see it until this is beautiful! Just in time as we leave for Fl. on Sat. My market basket is already laden with sunscreen, magazines, and kindle! Thank you, Thank you!

  7. Andrea, What gorgeous flowers and your pictures are beautiful!