Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ma Cuisine

Bienvenue a ma petite cuisine a Beaune; la porte est toujours ouverte aux mes amis et invitees, une visite a notre maison est aussi un cours de cuisine informel~

Welcome to my small kitchen in Beaune; the door is always open to my friends and guests; a visit to our home is definitely also an informal cooking class~


C’est ici je je suis la plus contente de ma vie, en preparant les plats avec la meilleurs saveurs de la France, trouve toute l’annee a la marche de Samedi de Beaune (une tarte avec groseilles de la France et fraises de Maroc, avec crème fraiche d’Isigny, Normandie)~

It is here that I am the happiest in my life, making dishes with the best flavors of France, which are found year-round at the Saturday market in Beaune (red currant (France) and strawberry (Morocco) tarte with crème d’Isigny from Normandy)~


Pour que R ne va pas “mourrir de faim” j’ai fait une enorme blanquette de veau avant de partir~

So that R will not die of hunger, I made a large veal stew at his request before leaving Beaune~


Mes collections de cuisine sont utiles et beaux; ici plateaux anciens en carton bouilli pour porter du the, un gouter, ou verres du vin a l’etage; le bougeoirs sont en cas d’une coupe de l’electricite~

My collections in the kitchen are useful as well as pretty; here old paper mache trays are stacked, for carrying tea pots, snacks, or glasses of wine upstairs; the candlesticks are there in case the electricity gets cut~ 


Quelques bouilloires (une de 4 litres et une de 3 litres) sont pretes a servir et utilises quotidiennement~

A few kettles (one holds a gallon, the other 3 litres), ready for service and used daily~ 


Les deux fait touts sont aussi la, pour faire….tout quoi!

The two stock pots are also there, for making….well…just about everything!


En hiver, une barquette des fruits exotique pour un gouter; raisin Muscadet, clementines, meme un ananas d’Ile Meurice~

In winter, there is a boat of exotic fruits for snacks, Muscat grapes, clementines and even a pineapple from the Island of Mauritius~


A cote, mes outils de cuisine, ranger dans un fait tout marque “Hotel de Paris” en creux; un tres bonne affaire a 30 Euros!~

Nearby, my kitchen utensils are arranged in a small stock pot stamped “Hotel de Paris,” a super deal at $40!


Un petit panier en style de banneton de Champagne a ete achete chez Jean-Luc; remplir des noix du marche et notres promenades dans la foret~

A small basket in the style of a Champagne harvest basket was bought at Jean-Luc’s on this trip; it is full of nuts from the market and walnuts gathered on our walks in the forest~


Et dans un petit coin, mes cuivres~

In the other corner, my coppers wait for use~


Bien sur, j’ai beaucoup des paniers pour faires les cours et faire du recyclage, et toujours un panier sur la chaise paillee remplie des pommes de terres, eschallottes, choux, onions et carottes, achete la premier jour pour faire beaucoup des repas~

Of course, I have lots of baskets, for me and for guests, to go shopping and drop off to recycling, and always a basket on the rush seat chair full of potatotes, shallots, a cabbage, onions and carottes, bought the first market day to make a variety of meals~


I hope you enjoyed my little French kitchen tour; I am busy now so will add accents later….bon week-end a tous~


  1. Oh how I am jealous of all of the fresh goodness you have there! Love the baskets of course. I am looking forward to seeing more of your home in France.


  2. C’est magnifique – très créatif et très beau. J’adore les pots et les casseroles en cuivre ………. et les paniers aussi. Je sais pourquoi vous aimez votre maison et votre vie en France.
    Bisous ma amie

  3. Simply Charming and Oh so French! it all and the food looks delicious!

  4. I think back to my first trip to France. I was 17. I so loved the lifestyle.
    My son, Jay gave me a Le Creuset Cocotte Ronde for Christmas! I have used it almost every day. He was listening to me talk about you, and your
    passion for cooking. He saw me looking at a piece of Le Creuset one day. (I was only looking...curious) I was unaware that he snapped a photo with his phone.

    I keep it on our butcher block. It's Red! This piece will never be placed in a cupboard. (It's like you don't put baby in a corner!) I hope that I don't sound silly. I just had to share the joy!

    To You and R, at home! Salute!

  5. I love the copper! and the floor tile! and that gorgeous wood door! and the baskets! Such lovely colors and textures.

  6. Dear Andrea,

    A kitchen to be right at home in...warmth, the glow of copper and candles. The fresh fruits and vegetables. Your basket collection.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement this week!

    Art by Karena

  7. je l'adores! Love your les casserole en cuivre! A beautiful collection. Your kitchen reminds me so much of growing up in France. merci de nous laisser voir votre plus belle cuisine.. xo marlis

  8. I want to buy the house next door. Your place is So cozy and charming. Have a great stay.

  9. Simply wonderful!
    This is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys fresh food and a well stocked kitchen. That copper is fabulous! I'm going to pull my few pieces out and dust them off :)