Friday, January 13, 2012

Se Reposer

The Holidays are over, and yet they linger, like the welcome scent of the wood burning in the fireplaces of my neighbors’ cottages this evening. 


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend of repose….thinking of my East Coast Friends and their extreme weather….

{yes, I know, another dog fascinated by a fire…Honey will watch for hours….}


  1. The calm after the holidays is always welcome! Hope yours were wonderful!


  2. Andrea, I hope you can enjoy a relaxing ( much, much deserved) weekend.


    Art by Karena

  3. Nothing on the calendar this weekend...I'm going to do a little cleaning and organizing, bake some raspberry shortbread, and sit by the fire and work on my journal cover. Honey is too cute!
    Enjoy, my friend!

  4. Honey is a Very Smart girl; fire is lovely, when contained, and puts me in mind of days gathered 'round the campfire. This year, I want to put in a fire pit on Thistle Cove Farm, right beside the horseshoes.
    It takes me so long to feed that most of my days are spent doing just that...feeding the sheep and horses. Then there are the dogs, cats and me to feed...seems I'm always putting something in one end or cleaning up after the other end.

  5. Knowing you Andrea, you will be in top gear before too long so I hope you are savouring their lingering effects.

  6. Andrea-please check your email. I have been emailing you for weeks about a basket I ordered back in September and I get no response. Please respond to my email. Thank-you. My last name is Charlesworth

  7. Andrea, I hope that you too are reposer-ing.. cleaned last weekend, being creative this weekend. and trying to figure out how to fix my cache misere (sorry about no accents).. the nasty kitchen wallpaper... xo marlis

  8. My ole Thor used to stare at the fireplace.
    Give him a hug and kiss for me.

  9. Yes, Edward is besotted with fires.
    He smiles, I swear, whenever one of us brings in wood. And he'll lie beside it all night long. Warming his tummy.