Monday, March 26, 2012

Sprouted Easter Eggs

I love Easter Sunday and the Season for so many reasons, but one of the joys is the preparation for our Sunday meal.  This year we will have brunch-into-lunch following early Mass.  Last year I cheated a little with blown-eggs I bought, which saved me the effort and literally the headache of doing it myself.  This year I am going for a modified version, semi-cracked eggs, which you can make at home, and adapt for so many decorations and are a wonderful reflection of Easter.

I didn’t take pics of the how-to for the eggs, which I should...  Take an egg and gently crack it lightly on the smaller peaked side, and peel away the shell slightly, by hand. You will end up with a whole bunch of little egg shells which you can toss in your compost… Drain the egg white and yolk into a bowl for your breakfast omlette or other and rinse out the shell that is left…you will be left with a  bunch of these~


I used $1.99 white porcelain holders from my hardware store, but you can also use egg cartons or other holders e.g. toilet paper rolls….Fill each egg shell with a little bit of soil; I was thinking of using grass seed but then thought to do something more practical….so I decided to try a $3 pack of Kitty grasses, so my sis can come for Easter and have some treats for her cats….


Here are the kitty grasses on the soil,before a little topper~


A day later, I decided to paint the shells; any kind of paint will do; though I found the acrylic paint didn’t like much rain.  Set the shell on your two fingers to paint; easy….


I used some old acrylics on hand; any colors will work~


Two days later I got a sprout of Kitty Grass~


As well as a sprout of radishes after three days~


And here after five days~


And after seven, ready for a sprinkle of jelly beans; follow the germination directions on whatever seeds you use, but I would count on seven days advance to make these for your Easter table.


Today I started a few seeds in a minute bird shell….stay tuned….


And I have been collecting every egg for weeks for use at next weeks’ farmers market in Rancho Santa Fe for the kids to plant and then take home, them put in the garden, shell and all….including Araucana eggs from Paradise Valley….sometimes Nature’s Color is the best of all…


I have more ideas for these egg shells, stay tuned….


  1. I've seen these done but never a tutorial. Thank you for showing that. I was thinking of putting like pansies in them but I love your ideas. I don't think I have ever been to your blog but I really like it. I'm going to follow. I have seen you in different magazines though. Very impressive. Thanks again.


  2. LOVE those Andrea~ thanks so much for the tips. xo

  3. These are just darling! What a creative idea and the kids are going to love making them with you!


  4. Adorable! So thoughtful of you to plant something for the cat, clever too.
    "old acrylics on hand" ha ha, I have nothing of the sort. I do, however, eat eggs almost every day so I would be a great source for you. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve :)

  5. These are so sweet and creative- love it! Thank you for a brilliant idea, will def try it xxColette

  6. Andrea, I think this idea is brilliant! Each egg is a little spring ecosystem! Adorable. What a cute way to color them too!I'll take the polka dot one please!
    I can't tell you how happy I am to be blogging again and visiting my friends like you!

  7. These are so cute! I love any project having to do with egg shells! Love em!!!!

  8. What an adorable idea!
    Mind if I "borrow" it for our Easter table?


  9. This is so clever and adorable!! I will attempt it this week.....thank you for sharing this !! N.xo

  10. So very Cute! I have to pin this idea for next year.