Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tour de Farm #3

Raquel and I were in the Temecula area today touring one of our very favorite farms and I should say, one of my main suppliers of weekly produce.  No sooner did we arrive in the driveway of the main residence than I spied a pen full of two litters of piglets.  Though they were so cute and messy as a litter, I singled out a few for photos; all I could say was “Babe, look here”~

IMG_5696 - Copy

Eating the citrus rinds and fresh greens, I thought of the little Wheeeee Piglet on the tv commercials, and what can I say, I just wanted to take the second litter (less than one month old) and scrub them up in the sink, they were SO tiny and SO cute….

IMG_5699 - Copy

Across the way we found the fruit trees in beautiful bloom.  I forgot to ask where I can buy the lime paint for the bases, for some beams at home~

IMG_5723 - Copy

I think these are mostly peach trees, the doughnut peaches I remember at the market last summer; the blossoms are perfection~


Under cover, we find many of the most tender plants~

IMG_5731 - Copy

As well as the seedlings~

IMG_5733 - Copy

At a second location we found all kinds of great photo ops; not sure if my shot was crooked or the foundation ?

IMG_5739 - Copy

Still, I loved the door and the white work~

IMG_5741 - Copy

Not far away was a very old U-shaped coop and goat house; these are owned by the foreman, and inside the fence are all kinds of goats and kids and hens; the roosters are generally confined to the exterior~


Inside the fence were many kind faces; I should have video’d this as the bleats were constant and varied; here Mr. Billy Goat with his long beard~

IMG_5748 - Copy

Another sweet one, who really gave me a smile; goats love to smile for the camera, I find~


The patina of this coop was worn, old, rustic.  Not sure if it was painted or limed, but it was a perfect backdrop for chicken photos today~

IMG_5754 - Copy

In front of the fencing we had a series of high-stepping roosters~


Hard to photograph, but oh so fun for us to follow today!


Amazing against the white wash of the coop~


I couldn’t stop taking pics of the coop and this white; how to replicate this….


Lime, paint or pine, at least the chickens are happy there!


You will see more of this farm later; I feel a special blessing for all the animals who live and work on this farm.


We are continuing to work on our farm project and hope you enjoy these few photos~


  1. Andrea I see you are on a whirlwind. I love to see the smiling little goats and the prancing Roosters! Those blossoms are gorgeous on the peach trees.

    Art by Karena

  2. Oh, sooo sweet little faces. Thanks for the fun tour.

  3. The pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Absolutely fabulous shots of the farm animals. I would love one of the cute piglets and a few of the adorable goats and that proud rooster.

    E xxx

  5. Oh it's impossible for me to pick my favorite shot. They are all just great. I am sitting here wishing I could have gone along for the ride .....and photos!

  6. I always love seeing other farms and homes. People are so creative and each space is unique and beautiful in it's own way. Thanks for sharing!

  7. looks like a beautiful day in California! I think you are having fun with your new projects!

  8. That was fun!
    I would have been snapping away as well. I can see a fabulous fashion photo shoot there for sure.
    Can I just say.......the baby goat. Seriously. I want to bring it home, looks like she has little pigtails. I want "kidnap" it - ha, that makes me feel quite clever this morning.
    Looking forward to more.