Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Earth Day, Laguna Style

Though Laguna Beach is my hometown, it seems I rarely get involved in local events.  Too busy, or overcommitted?  I don’t know.  But I was really glad that I got involved in styling our Earth Day lounge today.  “The Lounge” evolved during the course of the day; here is how it looked around 10am, with these seating areas facing the stage~ 


There was lots of comfy seating, lots of stacked crates and crated edibles and flowers, not to mention a few tree stumps and chairs from the garden off to the side~


I wondered if anyone would sit in the lavender chair, but yes, there was usually one and sometimes two happy occupants of the chair!


Everyone was curious it seemed, and wanted to smell and touch the chair, no matter if it meant they got lavender buds all over their butts~


One thing that really amazed me today was how many photos people were taking, on all kinds of phones, cameras and iPads, usually after touching the chairs or the table…the objects were all whimsical, tactile and fresh…a great draw..I’d like to do this on a larger scale sometime…~


It was a toss up in popularity between the three items…the mossy chair, the leaf table and lavender chair….people took photos of the objects and often with their companions sitting on the chair or leaning a head in next to it….


there were a few other fun items like an urn with a muffin top of sprouts…


even the flowering crates at the street entrance got a photo op~


Mostly, though, people just sat in these chairs and smiled….especially the mossy chair as it is really old and very comfy, especially with a layer of moss~


I love this chair, notice how everyone wants to touch it~


As for the rest of the seating, it was full all day~


At the entrance to the street, Chris (left) and Billy (right, with our Volunteer Police in between) made a great chalkboard sandwich board for drawings and messages….GREAT idea…


La petite here drawing the Earth….this was a really nice feature~


there were plenty of activities for the kids, including seeding newspaper cups, ready to plant~


And courtesy of one of my favorites, the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, Max Isles brought us the Water Shed, to teach kids about where our water comes from and how to use it wisely.  Using a series of pumps with varying resistance representing the range of our water sources from the Colorado River to rainwater collection, the Water Shed shows kids how to become water-wise.  This is brilliant…a far cry from the Ricky the Raindrop we learned about in school, though even that concept stuck with me for life!


Kids…having fun…I think these are Alyssa S.’s boys?~


Elsewhere, the girls were hamming it up in their hats and newspaper pots….go girls!


And at the stage, we enjoyed great music all day..violin,  with crate for music stand~


Flamenco guitar….well, ok, it seems not everyone enjoyed the music, or was it just too loud?~


Billy filled in throughout the day, between managing bike tours of the Transition Laguna Gardens~


We had a string of other great music, all day, have a seat in the lounge to listen~


Here is Billy again, now on guitar and harmonica…of course I had to get the crates in to frame the shot~


So many people there today…I noticed this young man seemingly homeless enjoying the music…is he 18 years old? Not much more.  With his adoring dog and soon joined by a friend.  Earth Day for one and all~


Seems everyone loved the music, including the pugs, who turned to give me a nice shot~


Years ago, Laguna looked more like this~


We still have a little of the old Greeter Spirit with people like this~


And kids dressed up like Abalone (left) and Kelp (right)~


Not to mention a Bag Monster~


a drum parade in~


…drum circle and hula hoop party~


Ya; you go kids…when I was your age I listened to the Hare Krishna march through town…it’s nice to see some basic rhythm and clean fun in town…maybe Laguna has not changed so much?


What I can tell you is that EVERYONE had a great time at the Laguna Beach Earth Day 2012….looking forward to it in 2013….


Tomorrow we are celebrating Earth Day in Rancho Santa Fe at the farmers market.  Smaller lounge, and I am sampling food while selling baskets.  Enjoy your weekend & Love Your Earth~


  1. What fun pictures!! I love the lavender chair and the moss chair ~ how cool is that!

  2. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh what a lovely time. I knew that moss chair and the lavendar chair would be BIG hits. I love seeing the faces of each as they tried out the chairs. Kid of like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, this chair was JUST right.

    I may be a little bit partial, but I believe you did the BEST job. Everything looks so fun, just so fun. Loved seeing the musicians as well.

    I have one of those crates and I think you just inspired me as to what to do with it. Now if I can just convince Hubby that is what we want to do with it. I'll keep you posted.

    Can't wait for my Bandol basket to arrive. I so want to take it to the Farmer's Market here in Phoenix. I will be walking advertisement for you dear friend, so send some cards along as well.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Super job you did. The chairs were a big hit I see. Happy the weather seemed to cooperate too. Had to laugh when you thought the young man with the dog might be homeless....honey, he looked fairly clean & his dog was no mutt. In FL there are REALLY characters that live in every little strip of woods.

  4. Andrea what fun I am so glad you were involved with your Community Earth Day. Especially with your wonderful chairs and table!! It is such a treat to people watch and see the kids have such a great time.

    I am featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera from Castle Crowns and Cottages on my site! She is amazing!

    Art by Karena

  5. Fabulous - your efforts were obviously greatly appreciated and helped to get the Earth Hour message out there. No doubt people will be talking about your chairs, table and displays for many months to come. The hundreds of photographs of your functional artworks which were taken during the day will ensure that the Earth Hour message is kept alive. You are an amazing woman and role model Andrea.
    Bonne semaine

  6. Anything new with the baskets? I have not seen one of them in any of your recent photos. They are so beautiful, surely you can offer them at any of these venues! Maybe with garlic in them?