Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nothing Short of Amazing

Though I haven’t shown you all the pics, each week I have styled a large “best of the market” basket or crate at the Sunday Rancho Santa Fe and Wednesday Encinitas markets.  Every week it’s different, and each week people come by to see what I’ve selected, snap an iphone pic and how they might incorporate it into their meals~IMG_6641

Various farmers and purveyors have asked me to help them restyle their booths; here are the trio of French grain buckets that Laura and I had with Metis; I can’t believe no one bought these, but I use them weekly now at the markets, and yes, sales have increased~IMG_7252

It seems like a few weeks ago, but it was actually a few months ago….I had a vintage bean basket cornucopia-style for the best of the market, and a woman stopped by.  “Who Did That?”  She was redirected to me; turns out, she is a very well known chef with several restaurants.  Would I like to style an event the next weekend?  Sure.  It was a benefit for the Farmland Trust, and it was FUN.  Styling it was easy~


Our Host & Hostess have an amazingly beautiful and interesting estate.  At the entry, you see an aviary full of exotic birds~


Yes, this is a toucan, and that is a mist, to simulate a rainforest~


The estate is four acres, overlooking La Jolla...Wow~


On the bluffs overlooking the beach is an expansive green~


On a slightly cloudy day….wow so pretty….


and looking back up to the house~


the property is also an extensive farm;


Herbs, flowers, edibles….it’s all here, right on the bluffs….


there are tons of berries….boysenberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries….you name it, lots and lots~


Not to mention all kinds of citrus, fruit trees, flowers, chickens and ornamentals.  I was a kid in a candy store styling the last event~


The house contains a museum-quality art collection.  Here is my plate of Isabel’s amazing food and a glass of wine, in front of a Picasso plate.  I am definitely a hard-to-impress gal….but this pic makes me say YEAHHH~


The Master of the House is a collector of Tribal Art.  This is just the corridor to the powder room, you should see the rest of La Maison!!


Oh, and they are also dog lovers; a sweet Whippet on Kuba Cloth pillows…I love it….


Saturday night I am styling the tabletops at a party at this Estate.  The details:

210 guests.

23 of San Diego’s top Chefs.

Berries from the Farm in each course.

12 courses with wine pairings for all.

Served a table by a host of waiters.

This is the hottest foodie ticket in SoCal!!

And I get to style the tables~ can’t wait!

Each guest gets a trio of organic cotton net bags in their goodie bag;

and each Chef will get a beautiful French Basketeer Basket.


Look for pics later in the weekend; ps Sherry and Helen your orders are off and will be confirmed by FedEx this eve….


  1. I am DYING! An aviary? Say hi to Toucan Sam for me. :)

    Someone is all twitterpated with excitement. "Should I wear my classic black sheath?" My reply "To work in? No." Her reply "Then what. One needs to make a good impression." Ha ha. Have fun. I'm jealous.

    1. I told her she can come under the condition she tell you all about would love this estate....

  2. Do you need an assistant???
    Cannot wait to see the photos!
    You will rock that party :)

  3. You are flying my friend! Oh, I mean soaring!
    This is all fabulous! Amazing!

  4. Oh mu Gosh! that is some event. Wish I was a fly on your shoulder.
    You must have had a wonderful time. Love the dog.
    You have really got a beautiful style..

  5. Andrea I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see pics from Saturday nites event!

    I think you will like my new Giveaway from Royal Design Stencils..

    Art by Karena

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