Sunday, July 29, 2012

Peachey Perfect

I recently felt like God had the thumb-screws on me, until I compared notes with some dear friends.  Hello…God…why all the trials for such great folk?  Oh that’s a much longer, philosophical discussion.  I send my love to a few dear ones, you know who you are, and I pray for improvement.  In the meantime, let’s have some fun and some good food; though Dad is not his best, he asked for peach pie.  Here is the simplest one you can make:

IMG_7880 - Copy

In the grocery store you will find frozen puff pastry sheets; this brand is Pepperidge Farms; set one sheet out to defrost~

IMG_7876 - Copy

When pliable, unfold it; you can roll it a little at this stage but I don’t bother~

IMG_7877 - Copy

Pick four peaches from your local market, organic if possible, like these from Rieger Farms~

IMG_7878 - Copy

Slice the peaches onto the open pastry~

IMG_7879 - Copy

fold up the edges, as little or as much as you want, and dust with a handful of sugar~

IMG_7881 - Copy

Bake at 425 until brown~

IMG_7882 - Copy

meanwhile today, I went to Rancho Santa Fe and then back home, the roses from Laura’s visit were a little droopy~

IMG_7883 - Copy

though the entire bucket of roses cost me $20, I am getting extra miles….the petals have not browned….


so I have picked them and spread them out to dry in the sun~


where they are making wonderful rose potpourri and will mix nicely with lavender in the candle hurricanes….


I am going to have the summer party of parties in mid August.  Plans are underway and otherwise I would be completely depressed….I spent the entire last week with Dad’s Dr. visits and parents.  The party will be a welcome distraction…oh for now back to parents and tomorrow a few orders.  Soldier on….


  1. At least God blessed you (and your dad) with a wonderful peach galette and the ability to smell the roses. I have some Pepperidge Farms pastry in the freezer...just need those beautiful peaches.

  2. Weren't those peaches just the best! The avocado was perfection too.

    Think I might steal your lavender and rose hurricane idea.

  3. Prayers to your Dad are being sent at this moment.

    The peach pie looks delicious, bet he enjoys it.

    On the potpourri. I also make my own, have since the year we were married over 22 years ago. I agree, the rose petals and lavender will look lovely.

    ~Take care

  4. That peach pie looks absolutely delicious! :D And your roses look like they smell divine! :)


  5. I've been making fresh peach pies all summer long. Too good to waste!
    Please let your father know I'm wishing him well!

  6. I could eat this post it looks so good!
    I just said a little prayer for you!

  7. Nothing better than Peach Pie to cheer.

    Everything looks divine over here, hope you are dealing with the heat and staying inspired through it all.

    Lots of Frenchness

  8. I would name your blog the dreamland! While Santa knocks at our door just once per year, you blog is open the whole year – wow!